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The bucket bag that changed everything

When I was younger I had no brand preference when it comes to clothes, shoes, and bags. I just purchased whatever was cheap and looked good at the time, because hey, it's not like I earned a lot of money. I also believed that it was all the same thing, more or less. I'd hate to spend on something that I could get for cheaper.

But through the years I realized that cheaper does not equate to better. My stuff broke down and those that didn't looked outdated, too quickly. So now I'm a little more careful about the things I purchase! I have come to prefer brands that offer the best value for my money - even if they're expensive, I find that I can get more mileage out of them.

But there's another but. Haha. As you know I run my own household and pay my own bills. I like expensive things but I also like being able to pay my rent and keep a healthy savings account. :P That's why I love Rabeanco. The leather is ridiculously smooth, the colors are fairly unique, and the styles aren't something you'd see SM knock off. 

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The Rabeanco Sheila Pouch

Quick post! I just wanna pop in to say hello, and happy holidays to you all. ^_^ Hope you're having a grand time so far! I'll be having a staycation with my family in a hotel here in Fort, then probably veg and watch cable TV until tomorrow. All I want is a chill and fun time with my loved ones.

Before I leave, thought I'd show you something I got for myself this Christmas. I think that the best gifts are the ones that you actually purchase for yourself, because no one knows what you want better than you do, right? That being said I finally got something I've been looking for a long time: a pouch wallet.

I'm not that picky with brands when it comes to wallets which is why mine always looks kawawa. But in my defense I really want something where I can jam my cash and coins without thinking, where there's space for my cards. I haven't found something like it in stores - that is, until I saw this pouch from Rabeanco in SM Aura.

It is absolutely perfect.

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