The bucket bag that changed everything

When I was younger I had no brand preference when it comes to clothes, shoes, and bags. I just purchased whatever was cheap and looked good at the time, because hey, it's not like I earned a lot of money. I also believed that it was all the same thing, more or less. I'd hate to spend on something that I could get for cheaper.

But through the years I realized that cheaper does not equate to better. My stuff broke down and those that didn't looked outdated, too quickly. So now I'm a little more careful about the things I purchase! I have come to prefer brands that offer the best value for my money - even if they're expensive, I find that I can get more mileage out of them.

But there's another but. Haha. As you know I run my own household and pay my own bills. I like expensive things but I also like being able to pay my rent and keep a healthy savings account. :P That's why I love Rabeanco. The leather is ridiculously smooth, the colors are fairly unique, and the styles aren't something you'd see SM knock off. 

This is my third purchase from the brand. The price is super reasonable for the quality of the bag - and the color! It's perfect for the season. This wasn't actually the design that I originally wanted but since that one was out of stock, I decided on this style instead. It's slouchy - not my usual - but I like that it has character. It's perfect for my more laid back outfits.

I noticed belatedly that it looks amazing with my lavender Rabeanco wallet. <3 I like looking at them together. This gives me an idea - I want to do a lavender and peach eyeshadow look soon!

The bag is mid-sized but roomy and can be opened up like a pouch all the way. It can store a LOT of stuff which is great for when I want to bring my sketchbook and pencil case. My only complaint is that the material shows scratches easily. :( It drives me semi-crazy but, oh well, it's still just a bag and I bought it because I'm going to put stuff in it. I'm not going to stress about it looking pristine. 

So there you go. ^_^ Try Rabeanco soon, they have lovely stuff! I got this from SM Aura but you can also find this Italian brand inside Shang mall.