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Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot Eau de Parfum Spray

A perfume review is the most difficult to do. To begin with, how can I communicate a scent over a monitor? What are the right words to use? It takes me time to review scents because I need to know the perfume first until we are old friends.  

Merely saying that a scent is "nice" or "good" is not enough. Most fragrances smell nice anyway (which is why they are called such, ha ha). These days, they are more about creating a mood, an image, or a story than just merely smelling good. That's why packaging and branding are just as important as the actual formula.

So what is Elizabeth Arden's Pretty Hot EDP about? It's a feminine scent, but with an undertone of smoldering allure. This is the girl you meet wearing chiffon dresses and dainty heels, but she is also extremely confident, competitive, and crafty.

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Guerlain Idylle

Sigrid Villamil, the product manager of Guerlain, once told me how Guerlain perfumes are distinct from each other with their own stories to tell. I completely agree. Shalimar is rich with tradition, the anthem of sophisticated women who never take no for an answer. Herba Fresca is a field of grass dotted by wildflowers, with sunlight streaming in a gentle glow.

And Guerlain Idylle? It's a bouquet of flowers presented to you by a charming gentleman as you walk in a candle-lit room wearing a gorgeous, flowing dress and strappy stilettos. You just met him, and you're excited to get to know him better, drunk with the promise of love. That moment in time is an idyll - a perfect scene, beautiful because you know it will never last.

I find Guerlain Idylle (P2,998) to be a truly versatile fragrance. It's not as heavy and musky as Shalimar nor as light and sharp as Herba Fresca - it's right in the middle, which allows you to wear it during the day or night.

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Too Stepford Wife

When I meet Project Vanity readers, they always tell me that they're surprised I'm not...fatter. I don't know what's up with cameras, but in my photos I look five to ten pounds heavier! I fit into small and medium clothes. Bah.

Case in point:

Ukay Manila dress/ belt from Market! Market!/ Ferretti wedges

Oh well. I really like this dress. I didn't want to wear it to the La Mer event at first because it's too Stepford wife for the occasion, but I was in a hurry.

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