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Staff Picks: The empties we hoard and how we reuse or throw them away

I remember feeling impressed rather than shocked when I found out that Kim had kept all her empties from the past two years. Although it's hard to rival SIX GIANT BAGS of boxes and packaging, she is not the lone hoarder in the PV team. Now that she's finally gotten rid of her stash of junk, I think it's time the rest of us come clean. In this edition of the PV girls' staff picks, we 'fess up on our own empties collections, how we store them, and why we just can't seem to let go!

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Beauty Trash Talk: How to dispose of your empties

I have another weird confession to make: I’ve held on to practically every beauty empty I’ve accumulated in the past two years.

Maybe I’ll need to take a photo of it later. Maybe I’ll need to revisit the ingredients or instructions. I have to compare this with newer products for research. I want to share about my empties on Instagram. This packaging is too pretty for the bin. In the past, I’ve always found an excuse to keep holding on to my trash. But enough is enough!

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Staff Picks: Pan porn (totally SFW) of our absolute favorite things

Now, before you get thoroughly scandalized, the only "exposure" you'll see here are those of our most-abused makeup! "Pan porn" is a popular description for makeup products that you've literally hit pan on from regular usage, thus exposing the shiny metal bottom. It's titillating for us PV girls because it's a totally justifiable excuse for us to go out and buy some new makeup! (Am I right or am I right?)

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Staff Picks: Third quarter empties

I NEED to review my beauty stash every few months. It keeps me from buying more stuff, and gives me something to look forward to in my next shopping trip! As tempting as it gets sometimes, I've been trying my best not to open any new products while I currently have something in circulation. I end up feeling guilty about not being able to use them up before they expire. 

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