Empties: Products we finished up last February

Some of the most useful reviews for me are of products that are used up. Thoughts on using a new product can vary from the time it was bought until it’s finished or - heaven forbid - gone bad. It’s a big deal if you still like a product after the high of a new purchase fades off. 

Anyway, here are our empties for February. I hope you find the reviews as helpful as I did!

Den: I got to try the Collagen Lifting Renewal Mask from Leaders Insolution last month, and it doesn't feel quite as nourishing as the Aloe Soothing variant. I have had the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex for a while, but only recently figured out how to use it properly (better late than never). It actually feels richer and more moisturizing than my masks, so I definitely need to get a new tub stat! 

Liz: I just finished up the Nivea Extra White Firming Body Serum with SPF 33. Yes, I know, I haven't even reviewed it yet! But it's just soooo good. I love it because it's super light, has no white cast, and doesn't feel sticky even when I sweat. Best body lotion IMHO.

Jorj: I tried the Garnier Milky Lightening Dew Toner in hopes that it will help diminish my acne marks. It was great in the sense that it didn't dry my already flaky, dehydrated skin. It did not do anything for my marks, though. And when I finished using it, I didn't get new pimples and the ones I already had dried out. So, it was great at hydrating my skin, but it was also one of the things that broke me out. Eep! Not gonna repurchase.

Katsy: I just emptied my Avon Skin So Soft Glutathione Whitening Facial Cleanser. I liked the texture of the cleanser and the results, which is why I was able to use it all up. My personal fave though, would still have to be the Avon 360 White Illuminating Cleanser.

Image via sasa.com

Image via sasa.com

Kim: I never thought that I could be a diva over something as mundane as cotton pads, but I was devastated to see my Suzuran Attirer Puffs ($1.80 for a pack of 240) go. It's just the softest, strongest, most absorbent cotton I've ever used and it breaks my heart that it's only available abroad as nothing from our drugstore can perform even half as well as it does.

I've also just run out of my 50ml can of Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water (P500) which was disappointingly underwhelming given the price point. It did not see any noticeable difference on my skin and the wonky spray nozzle made the act of misting less enjoyable.

Marielle: My very first experience with micellar water was a fantastic one, thanks to Koh Gen Do's Cleansing Spa Water. It's so mild and gentle, and the smaller bottle was the obvious choice to take with me traveling. I got it on sale last time, and I admit that I'm waiting for another sale to make a repurchase. 

Rae: It’s almost as if I drank 3 bottles of micellar cleansing water last February. I used up Biore Micellar Water, Dr. Jart+ Micro Water, and Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion. I don’t actually go through cleansing water that fast. I just get bored sometimes so I alternate several brands in a given period and it so happened that I finished them all up this month. Aside from Bifesta drying up tackier than the other two, all of them perform similarly in terms of cleansing performance.

Stacie: This month I finished a lot of products and I feel accomplished! First up is Bifesta's Cleansing Lotion in Bright-Up. This is my second bottle; the first was the sebum variant. Although they’re almost the same, I prefer the sebum variant more as I noticed that I needed less product to remove my makeup.

I also finished my Manuka Health Cleanser and Toner. I think I didn't give this enough love when I featured them before, but now that I've finished them I noticed that my skin isn't as supple and hydrated anymore. :( As much as I want to repurchase, P800 for a cleanser and another P800 for the toner is too steep for my budget. I've been using more moisturizer to make up for the lost hydration.

There's also the Etude House Skin Malgem Emulsion which I wasn’t able to finish before its one year mark, so a week before it expired, I used it on my body. I also finished Etude House Mild Airy Finish Sunblock, which is my favorite face-and-neck-sunblock. This is the best sunblock I’ve tried so far! It has a milky consistency and an “airy” matte finish. Last for skincare is Skinfood’s Black Sugar Mask Wash-Off. I can’t let it go just yet, I cannot see life without this baby! It exfoliates really well, removes blackheads, and makes my skin  so, so soft and bright. 

I only have one more, the it’s Skin Babyskin One-step Base in green. This is so-so, quite sticky and dewy but the color-correcting was nice. It’s also quite moisturizing. I guess I won’t be having anymore empties anytime soon. February made my wallet cry but it gives me an excuse to get more skincare!

Do share the products you’ve finished up as well. We’d love to know what you think about them!