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Brush Week: Charm Travel PRO Sonia Makeup Brush Set

This is a common question: "I'm new to makeup, what are the basic brushes I need to buy?" I always recommend just three brushes - a powder, kabuki-type brush that can double as a brush brush, an angled brow brush, and a mid-sized fluffy eyeshadow brush. You can use your fingers for liquid and cream makeup. These three brushes, IMHO, are indispensable. 

When you start to feel the need for more precision, that's when you should start purchasing individual brushes or brush sets - not before! Some girls would flat out get a set and then later on think that they got a crappy deal. Thing is, they should have considered first if the brushes in the set are something they would need in their routine. When buying brushes, think of your normal makeup routine first - what kind of makeup do you prefer to wear? What kind of look and products do you want to incorporate in the near future? Then, buy brushes accordingly.

Anyhoo! Today I have here the Charm Travel PRO Sonia Makeup Brush Set (P2,750). This is a special edition set from Charm to celebrate their fifth (going on sixth) anniversary! The case is extra pretty and the matte gold ferrule whispers "luxe".

The brushes inside are the same ones as the current, slightly cheaper iteration of the Charm Travel Pro. I have already reviewed that one with tips on how to use it so I won't go into detail on Sonia. Just enjoy the pictures! ;)

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Charm Travel Pro V3 brush set: My review and how to use it

I'm sure that you've already seen the blogger raves for the Charm Travel Pro brush set. All I can add to the conversation is that yes, this is a great set that you really won't regret buying. It's expensive at P2,200 for the whole set, but then again it's an investment that you'll probably use until you're sick of it. ;)

What I like most about this set, aside from the portability, is how useful ALL the brushes are. Some brands throw in brushes just to pad the set and make you pay more for them, but in the end you just use five out of say, ten brushes. That's a waste of money. But this Charm set has a well thought out selection with no repetitive or ineffective brushes in it. 

Now, like the Version 2 set, this set is not exactly for makeup beginners since the brushes are designed for precision application. But I hope that with this post, you'll learn how to maximize this set whether you're a beginner or an advanced makeup enthusiast!

Face brushes

Eye brushes

The Concealer Brush (top) is perfect for hiding spots, eye bags, and uneven discolorations in your skin. It's best used with cream or liquid concealer.

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Sneak peek and quick comparison: Charm Travel Pro V3

It's out! The latest version of the popular Charm Travel Pro brush set (P2,200) is now in stock at Beauty and Minerals! I'm not going to do a review of this set just yet since I got it only a few days ago, so for now I'll just show you some pictures and do a quick comparison between this and the Version 2 from last year.

The new Charm Travel Pro V3 has 14 brushes for the eyes, face, and cheeks. It's a powerhouse of high-quality brushes that can do a variety of advanced makeup looks while still being convenient to travel with.

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Hot pink explosion: The Charm Travel Pro V3

Sophie, our friendly neighborhood beauty blogger and consummate businesswoman, has just opened the pre-order for the latest version of her best-selling Charm Travel Pro brush set. The new set has got a lot of things going for it aside from the cute hot pink packaging!

I am smitten with the face brushes, for instance. The brushes look very lush, soft, and dense. Can't wait to touch them when I see Sophie next.

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Charm Travel Pro Brush Set v2 review

The 12-piece Charm Travel Pro Brush Set was designed by Sophie to be compact, lightweight, and to accomplish simple looks to more complex ones. It's got all you need for a full face of makeup and includes well thought of and well-shaped tools for efficient application. I'd say that this brush set is for an advanced makeup user who needs a smaller brush kit to take outside.

Dark pink faux croc skin case - too luxe!

Charm logo printed on wooden handles

Let's do a quick rundown on the pros and cons of this brush set and then I'll give a short explanation of what each brush is for.

What I love about this

  • Soft animal and synthetic hair was used
  • Each brush has the right amount of density, firmness, and fluffiness, depending on the purpose
  • Doesn't eat the powder/ liquid/ cream makeup
  • Applies makeup evenly and precisely. I love the bent eyeliner brush, concealer brush, and angled eyeshadow brush most of all!
  • Aced the packaging and appearance category! I love pink and black together, is it obvious?
  • It's P1,800 a pop. That may sound a lot, but really the price is very nice for the quality and functionality you get. These will last for more than a couple of years.

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