Brush Week: Charm Travel PRO Sonia Makeup Brush Set

This is a common question: "I'm new to makeup, what are the basic brushes I need to buy?" I always recommend just three brushes - a powder, kabuki-type brush that can double as a brush brush, an angled brow brush, and a mid-sized fluffy eyeshadow brush. You can use your fingers for liquid and cream makeup. These three brushes, IMHO, are indispensable. 

When you start to feel the need for more precision, that's when you should start purchasing individual brushes or brush sets - not before! Some girls would flat out get a set and then later on think that they got a crappy deal. Thing is, they should have considered first if the brushes in the set are something they would need in their routine. When buying brushes, think of your normal makeup routine first - what kind of makeup do you prefer to wear? What kind of look and products do you want to incorporate in the near future? Then, buy brushes accordingly.

Anyhoo! Today I have here the Charm Travel PRO Sonia Makeup Brush Set (P2,750). This is a special edition set from Charm to celebrate their fifth (going on sixth) anniversary! The case is extra pretty and the matte gold ferrule whispers "luxe".

The brushes inside are the same ones as the current, slightly cheaper iteration of the Charm Travel Pro. I have already reviewed that one with tips on how to use it so I won't go into detail on Sonia. Just enjoy the pictures! ;)

Do you need to get Sonia? Well, like I said above, it depends on your preferences. If you love the textured animal print case and gold ferrule then yes, it would be a great purchase. If you need a more advanced brush set to bring on your trips then Sonia is a great addition to your travel kit (assuming you don't have the Travel Pro V3 yet).

However, if you already have nice brushes you don't mind bringing along, you can skip this one. :) You can also check out the other full-sized sets from Charm - many brushes there can be purchased individually.

So there you go! :) I can almost smell the weekend. How's your week so far?