Sneak peek and quick comparison: Charm Travel Pro V3

It's out! The latest version of the popular Charm Travel Pro brush set (P2,200) is now in stock at Beauty and Minerals! I'm not going to do a review of this set just yet since I got it only a few days ago, so for now I'll just show you some pictures and do a quick comparison between this and the Version 2 from last year.

The new Charm Travel Pro V3 has 14 brushes for the eyes, face, and cheeks. It's a powerhouse of high-quality brushes that can do a variety of advanced makeup looks while still being convenient to travel with. The stippling, powder, blush, and concealer brushes we're completely revamped and, imho, improved. There's a great addition of foundation, wet/dry eyeshadow, blending and eyebrow brushes. 

Powder and blush brushes are considerably denser and packs on powder better

As before, eyeshadow brushes were soft and easy to work with. The new eyebrow brush is pretty good!

The last version had 12 brushes with thicker and lighter handles. They came in a pink faux croc case.

Between the two, I like version three more. The new blush, powder, and eyeshadow brushes are TDF. I do believe that this travel set can compete with full-sized brushes in terms of quality but with that added bonus of portability. If you're just doing makeup on yourself, I highly recommend this. But if you want something more professional for clients, go for a full set instead.

Before I scoot, I want to share two new Charm brushes that I believe have not even been released yet - the full-sized Pro Stippling Brush and the double-ended brush for eyebrows. Both are great, I'll post a separate review soon. ;)

So, does the new Charm Travel Pro V3 look like something you'll be getting?