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Three colognes to try

Do you wear colognes? I rarely do these days because I prefer eau de toilettes due to the better staying power and more complex selections available. Nonetheless, I still appreciate a nice cologne especially if it's affordable. They're perfect for young women who want to smell fresh and pretty without spending a lot of money for a bottle! Colognes don't last very long since they are alcohol-based, but you can just chuck them in your bag and spray as much and as often as you need to. 

I recently came across three colognes that I think you (or your younger niece and cousin) would enjoy. ^_^ I love how effervescent, sweet, and young these scents are. They're just perfect for tweens in elementary and high school, teens in college, and working girls just starting out in their careers. Check 'em out!

Pure n Fresh is known best for personal hygiene products, but a couple of months ago the brand ventured into scents for tweens. Tropical Splash, Blush Berry, and Tangerine Delight are bright colognes that feature luscious fruity combinations. Tangerine Delight is citrusy with mandarin, orange, and apple notes; Blush Berry is sweet with strawberry, pear, and apple blossom; while Tropical Splash is soft and creamy with apricot and peach. 


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