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It’s Summer Forever: Five body sunscreens for different budgets and activities

While I had learned to use body sunscreen whenever I’d go swimming, it wasn’t until I became part of the PV team that I realized I needed to wear it daily as well. It’s especially important for me since I commute to work and get direct sun exposure in the process. So as much as we ensure that are our faces get all the love it needs, the rest of our body needs protection from harmful UV rays as well, even on regular days!

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Exploring clean skin and #LifeGoals with BDJ and Neutrogena

What if you wanted a change? What if you’re looking for something better? What if you dared to dream and strive to do? Just realizing that there are endless possibilities available is a source of empowerment, but sometimes we need a little help to become aware of them. Neutrogena and Belle De Jour offered a fun afternoon of imagination and positivity as we learned about the newly formulated range of Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleansers and created inspiring vision boards with Trixie Esguerra!

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The four beauty gadgets my extremely oily skin can't live without

Having extremely oily skin that is prone to blemishes, I first went to see a dermatologist when I was a high school freshman because every inch of my face was then covered in pus-filled acne. I had my first chemical peel around that time as well, and facial treatments have been part of my life ever since. Since my skin requires a lot of maintenance to stay clear, it was a natural step for me to venture into beauty gadgets in the hopes of lessening my need for clinic-based procedures. Today, even with influx of effective yet affordable skincare product options, I enjoy the help I get from owning a few beauty gadgets.

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