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Beauty Roundup: Innisfree and Jeffree Star Cosmetics in the PH, a rapper lipstick, and an epic holiday collection!

It may be raining like crazy outside but things are shining bright for this week’s roundup! If the weather’s got you down, don’t you worry because we’ve got nothing but good news for you. Get ready cause Innisfree and Jeffree Star Cosmetics are BOTH coming to the PH (yes, we’re talking actual stores), and Too Faced’s epic holiday collection is finally out! We’ve also got a luxury lipstick inspired and named after a rapper, and the fanciest eyeshadow we ever did see Happy reading!

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Beauty Roundup: Sunnies makeup, YouTube beauty guru battle, and a Plains & Prints collab

How much tea can actually be spilt in a week?! Brace yourselves as this week’s roundup gets a little bit more dramatic than usual. We’re talking Jeffree Star coming after Filipina YouTube star Michelle Dy, and Huda Beauty throwing some major shade on a blogger’s skin! But don’t worry because despite the drama there’s a silver lining - we’ve also got some amazing face bases, flowery fragrances, and seriously stylish threads to look forward to. Read on for some tea and treats!

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Beauty Roundup: FENTY Beauty in the PH, new NYX palettes, and a long overdue MAC collection

It looks like September is going to be a great month for all things beauty! Let’s start the good news by confirming that FENTY Beauty is coming to the Philippines and we couldn’t be more ready for it! Read up on Rihanna’s new baby as well as the exciting new palettes from NYX that fit everyone’s style (and sign), and how an online petition turned into an up and coming MAC collection! We're even throwing in a highlighter that’s out of this world and a facial cleanser that contains meteorites! There’s lots to get through so let’s get started.

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