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Why Guerlain L’Essentiel makes me want to wear luxury foundation everyday

Your girl loves a luxury foundation. Although it’s not necessary for creating the perfect base, I do find that there is a difference in formulation and how much easier it is to blend and wear versus what you can get from the drugstore. That said, I’ve always invested in full-coverage, long-wearing foundations when I buy luxury brands, so I was surprised to find that Guerlain’s L’Essentiel Foundation (~P3,500) provides a happy medium that’s suited for every day. We’ve reviewed a fuller coverage Guerlain foundation before, so I was curious to see how different this take on ‘natural’ foundation would be. I tested it for two weeks, and here’s how it panned out:

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Don't Miss It: Here's a fun way to shop for luxury beauty with free GCs and games!

What could be more fun than going beauty shopping? Why, shopping with gift certificates, of course! More than getting a straight-up discount, there’s something very satisfying about handing over a bunch of GCs to pay for your purchases. This is the experience that four Luxasia Philippines brands try to recreate with their first ever Beauty Shopping Wonderland in Mega Fashion Hall!

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Recap: The Beauty Discovery x Project Vanity Workshop

With the variety of paints, powders, and products available, playing with makeup can be quite a creative adventure. But sometimes, as with any art form (and makeup is definitely an art), it helps to get a little inspiration.  

Enter Beauty Discovery, the special pop-up in SM Makati created by luxe brands Shisedo, Guerlain, and Elizabeth Arden. The booth allows makeup lovers to try the brands' luxurious creations, and to serve as a guide, they had a Beauty Lookbook Workshop hosted and taught by PV’s very own Liz Lanuzo! The event happened last July 8 at SM Makati.  

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