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Etude House Dear My Blooming Cheek Blush in Breathless Pink

Hi folks! It's Independence Day today! I'm sure no one is throwing a party, but I hope that we can all sit down for a moment and think about what this day means to the Philippines (technicalities aside). Freedom is something we take for granted here in our country, I think.

We complain about the corruption and the poverty, but we sometimes forget that here we live in relative freedom - we're free to worship wherever, speak our mind, work the jobs we want, dress the way we want. We can choose our partners (gender notwithstanding) without much hate from society. The Philippines is far from perfect, but freedom is (for me) one of our strongest suits.

Anyway, today I'm going to quickly review the Etude House Dear My Blooming Cheek Blush in Breathless Pink (P548). It's a pretty blush-highlighter hybrid that gives a pinkish sheen on the cheeks. Don't be scared - I know how you guys are averse to shine! But if you use just a small amount of this blush, a pinkish glow is a swipe or two away.

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Capsule reviews: Etude House x Annika Wester Wannabe Collection

Annika Wester is a famous illustrator who has done work for big names like Vogue, Anna Sui, MAC (to name a few) and has shown her art in galleries all over the world. According to her blog, her " presents a various number of characters, silhouettes and items displayed throughout her own stylish way of drawing. The features are softened and the colors often bright, which gives the viewer a feeling of joyful indolence..."

The Etude Girl illustrations by the talented Annika Wester

Cool right? And now, Ms Wester has partnered with Etude House for their Wannabe Collection! It's a rather expansive collection with a face palette, powder, lipsticks, nail polishes, scent and gloss combos, and even falsies all incased in Ms Wester's trademark artwork.

The Etude Girl is, surprise surprise, Sandara Park of 2NE1

Okay, this is a rather long intro, but I am just amazed by Annika Wester and Etude House's awesome idea in partnering with her. Whoever said that art and makeup can never mix is deadly wrong! So! I'll be reviewing some of the Wannabe pieces I have with me.

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Gift from Etude House

Yesterday, I dropped by Market! Market! to pick up a lovely gift from Etude House. We agreed that I was to pick it up today, but since I was in the area yesterday, I thought I'd take a chance and just see if the package was already available. And it was! I know that sounds like a small thing but it was a very pleasant surprise for busy bee me.

I got the Wanna Be Collection as illustrated by Annika Wester. The packaging is, to put it mildly, absolutely gorgeous! The illustrations are ace but the matte, thick cartons really add to that expensive feeling. I can't bear to throw the boxes away!

The Etude Girl illustrations by Annika Wester

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