Staff Picks: Our favorite beauty finds at the supermarket

Makeup retail therapy is always a treat for us PV beauty fiends but when we don't have time to drop by our favorite makeup haunts, we satisfy our beauty cravings when we do the weekly groceries! Aside from carrying affordable toiletries, supermarkets often have amazing beauty products for your whole body. If you're a busy gal or a mom who can only shop with her kids, check out these surprising treasures the next time you need to restock your pantry!

Liz: Y'all already know how much I LOVE Head & Shoulders shampoo, Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner, and Kojie San soap. I always stock up on these at the supermarket! I also keep backups because I'd hate to run out. What some may not know yet though is that one of my favorite beauty buys is - are you ready - toothpaste. Yes, toothpaste. I've finally found one that doesn't break me out on my chin! I always have these bumps around my mouth which aren't always visible but they bother me so darn much.

Well, ever since I stumbled upon the Colgate Toothpaste with Sugar Acid Neutralizer I've stopped having that problem. I swear. This is the best toothpaste for my skin! I get pimples within a few days of using any other toothpaste (even the ones from Colgate too - I'm looking at you, Charcoal variant! You suck!) so I know the Sugar Acid Neutralizer toothpaste doesn't make my skin react. So yes I will consider it as a beauty product na rin!  

Den: My dry skin makes me prone to having a dull and ashy complexion but my current fave facial wash, Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal, has been great for keeping my skin bright and healthy-looking! I also recently bought a new pack Kojie-san soaps because I've found them to be a great (and easy to use) exfoliant but I'm not a fan of the smell, so I mix a bit of Ivory Aloe Liquid Soap for a delicate, clean scent. I've taken to adding toners to my skin care regimen (I used to think I didn't need it) and I prefer to use cotton squares to swipe them on.

Marielle: I do most of my beauty shopping at drugstores now but I still pick up feminine wash and bath soap when I'm at the grocery. I'm currently using Lactacyd and the new Olay Skin Whitening Bar. The soap smells nice, while I like the lather I get from Lactacyd.

Stacie: Since reading Liz’s review and getting recommendations from friends, Kojie-san Kojic Acid Skin Lightening Soap has been a staple in my shower. I use it to even out the color of my knees and elbows. Plus, my friends swear that kojic acid has antibacterial properties and has helped them reduce body acne!

Charlie: Having oily skin, I'm constantly in search for powders that will help keep unwanted shine at bay. I prefer bottled loose powders like the ones for babies because they're easier to apply. I've been loving Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder, which I chanced upon at the supermarket. In my experience, it's better in the oil control department (probably because of the rice's oil-absorbing properties) compared to other powders and since it's intended for babies, it's hypoallergenic. Plus, I can use it whenever I have rashes on my back.

Crystal: I can't believe I took so long to try the Pantene 3-Minute Miracle but I'm glad I finally did. My hair is so much softer and silkier with this! It works better than some of the more expensive conditioners I've tried.

Gett: I consistently repurchase Head and Shoulders shampoo, particularly the Mint and Apple variants. H&S gives my scalp a clean feeling even after a long day of sweat and grime. I also stock up on cotton pads because I find that they remove makeup and apply skincare more efficiently because of the flat surface.

Claire: If there's one thing I can't stand, it's my face oiling up! Wearing primers and setting with powder definitely help, but that shine never fails to come through no matter what I do (holla at my oily/combi gals out there!) So I always have blotting sheets with me and at my vanity, plus backups at home and in the office. I prefer the film type that turns sheer once it absorbs oil. I know it's a bit gross, but I get such satisfaction when I see that mess on the sheet instead of on my face. I like Gatsby Oil Clear Sheets because they're black and unscented.

Do you stock up on beauty faves while doing the groceries? What products are constantly on your to-buy list?