Skincare Q: Should you use products from just one line or brand?

Most big skincare brands have more than one complete line of products for specific skin concerns. Whether it's brightening, pore clearing, acne fighting, or anti-aging (to name a few), skincare companies are more than willing to supply. But does it matter whether you use products from just one line or brand? Or is it ok to mix and match different products for different skin concerns?

Short answer: it is totally okay to mix and match your skincare. As long as the formulations work for you and don't negate the efficacy of the "team" so to speak (eg. you can't mix AHA with Vitamin C, you can't use retinoids without sunscreen), then it shouldn't be a problem whether you're using a moisturizer from Kiehl's with a serum from Clinique. There is only one goal and that is to get your skin as bright and healthy as possible. If different brands get you there then by all means, stick to what is effective.

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If you want to try the Nuxe line, you can get these samples with our Wanderlust Kit at the Project Vanity Store.

On the other hand, there is value in using skincare from the same line. For example, if you're fighting acne and want a good but safe dose of salicylic acid in your daily routine, you'd benefit from using skincare that features it as an active ingredient. You can hunt down other products of course, but naturally the level and quality of the active ingredients may vary brand to brand. If you use just one line from one brand that you're already happy with, then it simplifies the process. The products work optimally together (assuming they are formulated well) and infuses your skin with the correct level of actives per stage in your routine.

One other (small) benefit is that using products from the same line is a more pleasant experience. For example, I adore how Origins products smell and feel on my skin, so I love using them together since I feel more relaxed afterwards.

In the eight years I've been writing about beauty, I've had experience mixing and matching different skincare, as well as using just one line consistently for a long time. What kind of routine worked better for me? I wouldn't say one worked better than the other - generally. But I have to specifically mention that Shiseido products work exceptionally well together, even more so when they're from the same line. The Ibuki and White Lucent line are top notch! Whenever I want to have my skin to have that petal-y effect favored by the Japanese, I just use these lines for a while.

It all comes down to preference and what works for you. I know it's a bitch to experiment with so many different skincare but the pay off is worth it once you find the mix that helps your skin be its best version! My advice is to simplify your process. If you love one product from a certain line, there is a good chance you will like the other products in that line. ;)


  • Do you mix your skincare or do you stick to one line/brand?
  • What's the most effective routine for you, based on your past experience?
  • How do you discover new things to love?