Staff Picks: The darkest, most dramatic lipsticks in our kit

For an everyday go-to lippie, pinks and nudes are usually the popular choices. We get it - they’re easy to apply, go with most outfits, low maintenance, and don’t call attention to themselves. But sometimes, we just want to add a bit of drama, and a dark, bold lip is the easiest (and quickest) way to go!

It does take a bit more confidence to rock a deep-colored lip versus a my-lips-but-better shade so if you haven’t gotten into it yet, we have tips to get you started. Even the PV girls have different levels of “darkness” that we’re actually comfortable enough to wear out, so check our faves to find one that will make you come to the dark side!

Liz: I can go pretty dark, because life is too short to worry about how good or bad a lipstick will look on me! I'd try any color at least once outside the house. The one I'm wearing here is a black (ish) lipstick from Katy Perry's collab collection with Covergirl. It's called Perry Panther. Love the name! The shade's pretty interesting too, as I don't have a black lipstick in my collection yet.

Kim: The Sleek Matte Me in Vino Tinto is about the darkest shade I can work with. I'm a nude girl through and through but I do enjoy the occasional burgundy and deep wine lip!

Karla: I personally love a bold dark lip! My favorite shades are MAC Antique Velvet, MAC Rebel, Colourpop's Tulle and Jeffrey Starr's Androgyny. A simple eye look and a bold lip speak loads! If you're afraid to rock a super dark lip, start out with berry-toned lipsticks. I also love the Colourpop metallic liquid lips!

Gett: I looooooove a dark bold lip! The boldest I've gone is wear a dark blue lippie, which was NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Moscow. I think dark lippies are versatile in that you can pile it on or sheer it out depending on its tones! But since I'm away and I only have a couple of lippies on hand, I'm showcasing MAC Rebel, my fave purple berry.

Katsy: I honestly find dark lipsticks harder to wear than nudes or reds. One wrong swipe and it will just bleed all around your lips, plus there's the slightly goth factor. BUT! I love how a deep color looks on me and everyone else. It's instant glam in a tube, a character you can easily step into. I've tried dark purple, deep wines, and even black once but for my current dark lipstick of choice, I'm going dark brown with Colourpop's Lippie Stix in Hollywood Blvd (Matte X formula). Even though it's supposed to be dark, it doesn't wear super dark on me that I can't wear it out on a normal day. I think I can even wear this to meetings as a "power" lipstick.

Stacie: The darkest lippie I can wear is Pink Sugar x Project Vanity's These Lips Don't Lie in Nothing to Wear. I prefer wearing it as a gradient lip rather than a full lip color to decrease its darkness and to make it wearable for an everyday look!

Marielle: The darkest I'd dare to go at the moment is MAC Instigator, and I'm still trying to figure out different ways to pull it off. When I first swatched it, I was instantly attracted (and challenged!) by how the vampy blackened plum contrasted against my pale skin.

Charlie: I love deep berry shades and own a couple but the darkest lippie I have is actually a dark chocolate brown color. I purchased Colourpop's Lippiestix in Pitch after a lot of thinking and I don't regret it. It's a challenging Nutella color but it looks really pretty.

Angela: I only have about one or two tubes of dark lipstick and I'm still encouraging myself to wear them. I love nudes but dark lipstick is a statement look! My darkest one is the Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in Frick 'n Frack. It gives my lips a smooth and matte deep berry color. I love it and really should wear it more often.

Are you a dark lippie fan or thinking about becoming a convert? How dark and deep can you go?