Staff Picks: Blushes that flatter and stay on for hours

An amazing blush can make your skin glow and your look more put together; it's just a matter of finding your perfect shade and a formula that can last you the whole day. If you’re having a difficult time choosing your blush shade, a general rule of thumb is to go with a shade within your range, meaning paler colors for paler skin and deeper tones for deeper skin. Aside from the usual peaches and pinks, red blushes are an interesting option. Morenas also look amazing in orange-toned blushes!

Now if you're looking for a new product to rosy up your cheeks, check out our picks for the best blushes we've used for our skin tone!

Liz: Medium skin, warm yellow undertone

Right now I am absolutely mad about the Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Pink Peony. I don't know why it's a bronzer since it's wholly pink, but if I were to makeupsplain, it may be because it's a nice warm shade. It has juuuust the right amount of shimmer to look like skin, plus it stays on for like eight hours. Love it!

Den: Light skin, yellow undertone

I never wore blush until I tried Happy Skin's Get Cheek With Me in Summer Fling. As it turns out, my initial aversion to blush was caused by using the wrong blush shade! Pinks look incredibly unflattering on me (yes, even with lipsticks) but this peachy-coral shade completely changes my makeup game. It "fixes" my occasionally ashy-pale complexion, even without the help of foundation. I like that the pigmentation is buildable but not too sheer, and I still haven't hit pan on this little palette even after a year of usage!

Kim: Light skin, yellow undertone

My HG, topnotch, "can't live without it" blush doesn't even have a name. It's the first pan from the left in the BYS Contour & Highlighting Kit in 01 Daring, and it is just stunningly beautiful. It's a gorgeous shade of old rose with a nice sheen that just boosts my glow. It blends effortlessly, lasts a decent amount of time, and I can easily apply it with my fingers if I'm in a rush. I've already hit pan on this blush and I'm hoping that they release it as a separate product because it's absolutely TDF.

Rae: Medium skin, yellow-olive undertone

My favorite blush is not a blush: it's Happy Skin Moisturizing Matte Lippie in Too Cool. I prefer wearing my blush diffused over a large portion of my cheeks, so I usually go for muted blushes. Too Cool gives a very subtle flush, just enough to give dimension to my face when I want to achieve a no-makeup look. I'm still looking for my HG nude powder blush, so if you have any recommendations, please share in the comments section!

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Jorj: Medium akin, neutral undertone

The MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul is my all-time favorite blush. It gives me a peachy flush that doesn't look fake. (Nobody blushes peach, but this product makes it look natural on me.) The staying power is great, too!

Marielle: Light skin, yellow undertone

Nars Deep Throat is my HG blush. Ever since I bought it, I cannot stop coming back to it. The compact packaging of mine is already battered AF, but who cares? The color is a versatile peachy-pink with fine gold shimmer that goes with just about any skintone and lip color. It's the less-conspicuous baby sister of Nars Orgasm. O is more packed with gold shimmer, whereas DT is the slightly lighter, mellower version.

Katsy: Medium skin, yellow undertone

I currently don't have an HG level blush yet but if I have to pick one, it would be Nars Orgasm. It instantly brightens up my skin. Plus, I saw Rachel Bilson rock it once with MAC Candy Yum Yum and what can I say? I'm obsessed with the combo.

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Angela: Medium skin, neutral undertone

I use My Lips Eat Cherry in Juicy Red from the Face Shop as my blush because it stays on the whole day! It's also very affordable and the product takes so long to finish up. For powder, I like using MAC Mineralize Blush in Gleeful. I like how natural its pink color looks on me.

Stacie: Light skin, yellow undertone

I’ve only tried a handful of blushes and the best I’ve tried so far is from the drugstore! It’s Essence’s Blush Up in Heat Wave. It’s a mix of neon orange and hot pink which turns into a lovely coral when mixed together. A little bit of product goes a long way because of its intense pigmentation and it lasts all day!

So there you have it. Is blush part of your regular makeup routine? Which shades do you favor, and what products would you buy again and again?