Happy Skin Get Cheeky With Me Blush in Summer Fling

Back then, I used to be able to remember exactly what makeup I wore. I never had to take down notes as to what lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, or lipstick I have on. These days, however, I simply can't seem to remember a lipstick I wore a week ago. :/ Either I'm too distracted or I have too much of the same thing. Or I'm getting older-er?

Anyway! Today I'd like to talk about the Happy Skin Get Cheeky With Me Blush in Summer Fling (P699). What a mouthful amirite? That aside, it's a great blush. It's a coral, glowy shade that stays on for a good five hours!

Shade and finish. I think that everybody needs only two blush shades: one, a petal reddish pink and two, a pinkish coral like Summer Fling. This shade can suit fair to dark-medium skin tones, creating a sunnier, warmer complexion. This has super fine shimmer in it to fake a glow-from-within flush. 

Texture and pigmentation. The texture of GCWM is silky and soft. Nonetheless, it doesn't feel powdery or chalky at all! The coverage is just light on the first layer. I normally wear two layers but I'm wearing three below so that the color will show up on camera.

Longevity. Staying power is pretty good at five hours. It will start fading from that point, but it doesn't completely go away. It leaves a bit of a stain, but not as much as TheBalm's Instain would. Yes, I'm sure you're gonna ask me to compare. :P 

Of course it won't stay on as well if you have oily cheeks. Instain would be a better choice if you're really, really oily. If you have dry to combi skin though this would suit you just fine!

Happy Skin's compact is bigger than TheBalm's, but they're about the same thickness. Instain has half a gram more powder than the Happy Skin blush. 

So, Happy Skin or TheBalm? Go with GCWM if you're not used to controlling intense blushes like Instain - Instain needs a bit of practice to apply correctly due to the high concentration of pigment. This Happy Skin blush is more beginner-friendly as it allows you to build up coverage gradually, layer by layer, so that you won't make a hard-to-fix mistake.

I prefer a more pigmented blush since I already have my technique and a squad of good brushes; it simply cuts down application time. But yes if you're starting out I would advise to avoid too-pigmented blushes.

Verdict. Overall, I highly recommend the Happy Skin Get Cheeky With Me Blush in Summer Fling if you're looking for a gorgeous coral blush that would stay with you for at least half a day. In any case the compact is handy for retouching. ;) And it's so pretty! It can stand side by side with an international brand like The Balm!

I adore this blush and will continue to use it. What do you think? Is this a blush for you?