Are you always late? We've got 5 tips to speed up your makeup routine

Who here hasn’t slept through their morning alarm? I certainly have, and I don't care to count how many times I've had to speed through my entire morning routine in a tizzy to avoid being late! While the absolute necessities like showering have to be done, there are things we'll probably have to skip like a 10-step skincare routine or a full #FOTD-worthy makeup look. Short of applying my makeup in the car, my go-to is a 5-minute makeup look. On top of that, we'd like to share a few tips to rush our makeup - beautifully, of course - for the next time we overuse that snooze button!

Tip #1: Start the process the night before

Wait, what? Did I just tell you to start putting on makeup the night before? Actually, I'm referring to the skin prep that would leave you with a better canvas for tomorrow's makeup! Exfoliate, don a sheet mask, apply your creams and serums, that sort of thing. Layer your skincare to your heart’s content, then wake up the next morning with brighter, softer skin that won't need as much foundation or concealer. There wouldn't be any need to layer highlighters or extra finishing powders too!

Tip #2: Plan your look ahead

Just like how you prep your outfit for tomorrow, why not plan the makeup that will go best with it as well? Certain outfits call for certain looks but in case you don’t need a full face daily, laying out the makeup you will use for the day or the week still helps. This is especially useful if you have drawers filled with makeup! Try curating a makeup pouch containing your go-to products for the week. You can change it up every few days or just add more lip colors if you want variety.

I like to think about what I'm going to wear while I'm in the shower, so I'm I can avoid randomly trying on different things while I'm getting dressed.

Tip #3: Focus on one facial feature instead of doing up everything at the same time

Speaking of makeup looks, selecting a focal point makes for a faster routine. When you focus on just one feature, you will be able to cut down the time trying to get everything as polished as possible. Our most common choices are polished brows or a pop of color on either your eyes or lips. Personally I go for the lipstick route, either a bright red or a trendy dark lip, while keeping my brows as natural as possible.

Tip #4: Make multi-tasking your keyword when makeup shopping

Nothing multi-tasks quite as well as the ABCD face bases that already include coverage, moisture, brightening, and SPF. They're such a beauty staple that the PV staff each has a BB cream or two in her kit. Even better are those in cushion form for a more efficient application and portability! Reach for lip and cheek tints while you’re at it. They save time since you don't have to reach for two separate items, and thus take up less space in your kit. We've found a bunch of REALLY good ones under P500, too!

Tip #5: If all else fails, keep it minimal.

If you really only have a few minutes to look extra beautiful, honestly, you don't need a lot. A minimal look is just as much of a statement as a full face of makeup! My basics for my daily face usually include a skin-brightening base, a long-wearing concealer (for eyebags and blemishes), and a brow grooming kit. No matter where you're headed, these are good staples for achieving a refined and polished look

I also got this great tip from an Elle article for rushed makeup mornings: If you can only bring JUST THREE makeup items on a deserted island, what would these be? Your answer will reveal what you consider to be your basics. 

Do you practice any of these tips? How do you speed up your makeup routine?