Three ways to improve your office makeup game

Dressing well and having your makeup on point is a business strategy. It signals that you know how to take care of yourself, and by extension, your work. Don't get me wrong though, you don't need to be tricked up to the nines 24/7 (unless that's your thing). There is no need for an elaborate hours-long routine because nobody has the time for that! And so, here are three things I recommend to do to subtly make your work/office look more refined and professional. 

Tip #1: Communicate with perfect eyebrows

Eyebrows frame our face and are powerful tools for expression. Having great brows styled the way we like can make us look more intimidating or sweet, depending on the need. I suggest thickening your brows (if they are thin like mine) and giving them a softer curve. Brows that are too arched can be too mataray; too straight and they look too trendy. As always, balance is key.

In this look, I used the Estee Lauder Brow Now All-In-One Brow Kit in 02 Brunette. This palette has two slightly shimmery shades, a reddish brown and an ashy brown. Yup, you heard it right - shimmery. It sounds weird but looks great as the shimmer makes the brows look more sleek and dimensional. I love this palette for getting brows that are high-impact but not harsh. The combination of the two powders make my brows look full but not bushy.

Here's a pro tip: use the lighter shade to create your ideal brow shape. Then, use the darker brown to line in key areas - under the arch and on the tail of the brows. This gives that 3D look! Try it!

Tip #2: Your skin must look like skin, but brighter

Office lighting is the worst. The fluorescent bulbs make our skin look grey and extra exhausted, so even with a great base, we tend to look blah to the naked eye. I recommend using a brightening foundation like the Estee Lauder Crescent White Hydra-Bright Essence Makeup. This is a water-like base with an ultra thin texture and dewy finish. It also has SPF 30/PA++. Coverage is surprisingly good, and the finish is just beautiful! It gets me the glow but without the shine.

I normally set it with a translucent powder and I'm done! It stays put for about 7-8 hours on my combination skin. ^_^ It's a great base with added skincare benefits, so if you're looking to really brighten your skin instantly and in the long term, this is a great serum foundation to try. The shade 3W Tawny is my perfect match on my NC35 medium yellow skin.

Tip #3: Refresh your eyes with a concealer that doesn't quit

Erase exhaustion instantly with a heavy coverage, long-wearing concealer that can keep up with your schedule. Apply it in dots right at the bag of your eyes (that line where the puffy area meets the flat skin) and then blend it up with your fingers. This is how you get the best natural-looking coverage!

Try the new Estee Lauder Double Wear Waterproof Concealer to stow away those circles. It has a fluid, easy to blend texture that stays on all day with minimal creasing.  It's so thin that it's sometimes hard to believe that the coverage is quite heavy! Use this sparingly to avoid cakiness, and set it with thin layer of powder to really seal it in.

So there you go! Hope you found my tips useful, and as always, I'd love to hear yours! Is there anything you do that elevates your office makeup look?