Eight products to use at night to wake up to better skin

Do you get eight hours of beauty sleep every night? It’s probably the one beauty habit that few of us actually follow despite its importance. While cleansing our faces and wearing sunscreen help to protect our skin from damage, it’s only with a good night’s rest that our bodies are able to heal themselves. As we sleep, the body produces essential proteins like collagen and increases circulation through the body, including our skin.

Whether you lead a busy lifestyle with lots of sleepless nights or want to get the most out of your down time, slathering on night-time skin care products can make a whole world of difference on how your skin looks and feels. These nocturnal must-haves are often formulated to be much more potent than their daytime counterparts, so some contain ingredients that you shouldn’t wear during the day like retinols and vitamin C. These ingredients can potentially make your skin photo-sensitive.

Nights creams and oils are also usually heavier because they’re designed to give a deeper, more intense hydration while you rest. Maybe you wouldn't dare use them during the day, but at night the texture shouldn't be as uncomfortable.

If you want to wake up to better skin even without getting 40 winks, you definitely can, with a bit of help from these products. They won’t (always) work their magic overnight but we swear by their skin-altering powers with consistent use!


Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (P2,895 at Kiehl’s)

When your skin is looking dull and dry, just three drops of this much-raved about elixir will make your skin more radiant in the morning. The blend includes oils like primrose and jojoba, which are powerful moisturizers, and revives tired complexions. As this is mainly an oil concentrate, it takes a bit longer to get absorbed by skin compared to oil-free serums or moisturizers. Just pat in on before going to bed and dream of waking up to a nice glow! Check out our full review here

Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil (P3,950 at Bobbi Brown)

This oil is a great emollient that offers deep skin hydration, so we particularly recommend it for gals with very dry skin. It’s a bit on the heavy side so wearing it under your makeup during the daytime may result in a dewy-looking base (Koreans actually love mixing this product with their foundation, according to the Bobbi Brown team). The combination of jojoba, sesame, and olive oils are great for making the skin look and feel more plump! A drop or two should do you good, right before you doze off. It also has a relaxing sandalwood note.


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Essence (P1,029 at the beauty section)

Applying an essence after cleansing can help prep your skin to better absorb the rest of your skin care. This is a great water-based formulation that contains hyaluronic acid, so your skin soaks up as much moisture as possible. If you’re wary about using moisturizers on your face at night because they might feel uncomfortable or make a mess on your pillow, applying this before your moisturizer can actually help it to sink in faster and better. The formulation is also lightweight enough to use with your morning routine. 

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (P1,800~ at Clinique)

Don’t like the sticky, heavy feel of most night creams? This gel-formula will feel like you have nothing on! It creates a moisturizing barrier that helps the skin soak up moisture and locks it in, so you’re less prone to getting dry patches, breakouts and even fine lines. Oily-skinned gals can also enjoy because it has an oil-free formula! Check out our review here.


Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum (P2,200 at Origins)

Dubbed as a “super-serum”, it fights back against enlarged pores, rough textures, and skin dullness. It’s formulated with willowbark, an ingredient that has anti-inflammatory properties and aids in acne control, helping the skin look smoother and brighter after use. It also contains grapefruit oil (derived from the citrus fruit) so best to stick to using this serum only at night. Check out our review here!

Banila Co White Wedding Sleeping Essence (P1,345 and P1,550 at Banila Co)

But wait, what the heck is a sleeping essence or pack? It's meant to give the effect of masking without the actual mask. This one from Banila Co comes in gel form, with tiny white capsules that break as you spread the product out evenly. It promises to brighten and moisturize the skin, aid in minimizing wrinkles and fine lines, and also fade dark spots. You can be sure to wake up fresh, with super smooth skin, when you leave this on at night!


Doll Face Soothe Triple Action Under Eye Serum (P1,750 at Beauty Bar)

Stress and fatigue show up the most in your eyebags and dark circles, so make sure to stock up on a good eye product like this triple-threat. You can treat puffiness, reduce fine lines, and protect your skin from further skin damage in just one go! Eye products usually come in cream formulas so we love that this lightweight serum helps can make you look refreshed and bright-eyed without the greasy feeling. 

Leaders Black Head Clinic Sheet (P488 at Leaders)

Got comedones clogging up the pores on your nose? This pore strip and serum combo works best for those with problematic nose areas because the two-step allows you to remove the blockage and then apply the serum to quickly close up the pores and make it look smoother. Using it at night also allows the skin to repair itself after the “pore de-clogging” and soak up the benefits of the serum.

Are you able to get enough beauty sleep every night? What are your tried-and-tested faves for still looking fabulous the morning after?

Photography by Samantha Gonzales