When you can't or don't want to shower, do these six things!

Let’s be honest here: there are days when you can be pretty gross. Maybe you’re at a music festival or a camping trip, or perhaps a long flight, where you don’t have access to a shower. Maybe you like working out but there’s a long line for the gym showers. Or maybe the weather is so rainy and cool that you can hardly bring yourself to get out of bed (amen). Whatever the reason, there are times when bathing isn’t an option, but no one has to find out about your dirty little secret. Here’s how to stay fresh until you can finally hit the bath!

Spray on dry shampoo

Unwashed hair can easily turn into a greasy, smelly mess if left unchecked. Spritz on the TONI&GUY Dry Shampoo (P990, BeautyMNL) to absorb oil and refresh your tresses. Dry shampoo is the secret to having fabulous second-day hair, especially if you need to extend your blowout! Make sure to spread it well though to prevent any streaks, or get a tinted formula that can blend with your hair color and make it look even more lush.

Add life to your locks with a conditioning hair mist

While you don’t want your locks to look greasy, you still need them to stay moisturized. Human Nature’s Natural Conditioning Hair Mist (P249.75, humanheartnature.com) keeps them looking healthy and shiny. Jojoba oil locks in moisture into place without it weighing your hair down, while the floral scent keeps it smelling good.

Refresh your kili-kili  

The underarm area is prone to stink because the bacteria in your sweat gets trapped and produces a nasty odor. Cleanse the area with some wet wipes then spritz on Dove Advanced Care Ultimate White (P195, supermarkets). This also helps in lightening underarms, so you’re hitting two birds with one stone!

Try an instant shower spray

When it comes to dealing with body odor, most people try to simply mask it with a ton of perfume. Problem is, the stink is still there and simply mixes with perfume to create an even weirder smell! Get rid of it permanently with Snoe Stink Positive Instant Shower Spray (P1199, snoebeauty.com), which neutralizes odors. You can use this on yourself, your clothes, your man, your car and anything else that makes you scrunch up your nose.

Swipe on micellar water

Skipping the shower doesn’t give you a free pass on keeping your face clean! Micellar water is your best bet for removing oil, dirt and makeup.  Maybelline’s Micellar Water (P199, BeautyMNL) is gentle on the skin and easy on the wallet!

Hilamos in a can

Micellar water is actually enough to get your face clean, but sometimes it doesn’t feel “complete” without the refreshing sensation of water on your face. Your skin can also feel irritated from the lack of proper cleansing so give it a quick, soothing rinse with Avene Thermal Spring Water (P500 for 50ml, drugstores). Let it sit on your skin for a minute or two before wiping it off with tissue or a face towel.


  • Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn't bathe?
  • What did you do and use to keep yourself feeling clean and refreshed?