Five interesting things about Marie France's FemiLift Laser

Let's talk about an adult topic this time: vaginal tightening. This is typically promised by sketchy soaps and gels, but what if there was a procedure that could actually do it without surgery? I learned that Marie France's FemiLift technology uses a laser that can help tighten things down there with the least amount of discomfort. Here are five things you'll be interested to know about FemiLift! 

1. It is recommended for women who want to tighten up after giving birth, those who have urinary incontinence due to stress, and those who wish to increase their sexual pleasure. There are several reasons a woman might chose to stimulate vaginal tightening. It could be for medical, aesthetic, or sensual reasons, but it is not for us to judge what a woman wants to do with her body. FemiLift can help with a variety of issues and it's always good to have options.

2. FemiLift is a quick and painless procedure. It involves a laser wand being inserted in the vagina and rotated at intervals for only 15 minutes. It is said to feel warm, and does not require any anesthesia. The laser is designed to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the vaginal walls, causing them to contract and tighten.

3. The procedure is done only by gynecologists, and not just aestheticians. Marie France is serious about their clients' privacy and comfort, and only hires professionals they can consult with for any concerns. The gynecologist will first screen the patient for suitability to the treatment before anything else.

4. Three sessions are recommended for best results. These sessions can be done a month or two apart. The second session is usually where the patient will notice a marked difference. After that, the area will need to have a touch up after a year or two (it depends per case).

5. FemiLift is safe. As far as I understand, the laser does not venture up into the bladder or ovaries. It is FDA-approved and is apparently already pretty common in the US. Of course, consulting with one's doctor is always a good course of action before undergoing any procedure. It would be wise to take one's own medical history into consideration before doing the treatment.

FYI. ^_^  You may call Marie France at 894-2639(BODY) or visit their website for more information.

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