How to score mini versions of your fave makeup

by Nina Marable, contributor

People say it’s all about the little things…and that’s exactly how I feel about mini makeup! I mean, regular-sized products are great and all, but sometimes it can get a little challenging to bring them around when you’re on the go. Minis make it easy to maximize the precious space in your bag. They can also help you make a smart purchase, as you can use these to test out and decide whether or not you actually need (or just want) the full-sized version of the product. Lastly, with the holidays coming up, you can use these as stocking stuffers or just small and simple gifts for your friends! There are actually so many ways to get a hold of them but if you've been missing out, here's where to find them!

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Ask your counter

So obvious but have you ever tried? There's no need to be shy! Salespeople get that you want to be a smart buyer, and nothing helps close a sale better than getting you hooked on their product. Politely request for a sample only if you're truly interested in buying it; don't be abusive and spam the freebies.

Gifts With Purchase

Getting GWPs feel like you're being rewarded for shopping! Most stores offer this with a minimum purchase, and it makes your haul feel all the more worth it. Stores like Tony Moly and Etude House even have shelves dedicated to their GWPs, with bigger purchases often resulting in cute mini sets! 

Sample Room

Try them, review them, and get more products! Sample Room is a unique service that provides product samples for reviewers to give feedback on. The more reviews you do, the more points you get, and the more products for you to try out! As the name suggests, you do just get sample sizes but they'd be enough for you to try out before actually investing in the full size product. It’s a simple and easy way of trying out new products in the comforts of your own home.


Love the thrill of having something new to try regularly? BDJ Box is a subscription service that delivers a new box of products straight to your doorstep! It costs about P1,480 each month but you get a great deal as the box contents are usually collectively worth more than P4,000! They have special boxes with high-end brands like Shiseido and Elizabeth Arden, which allow you to try out luxury products at a fraction of the price. 

I got this in The Beauty Discovery x Project Vanity Workshop last July!

I got this in The Beauty Discovery x Project Vanity Workshop last July!

Attend Events

If you're a true PV girl, you would have attended at least one of our many events! Make sure to keep up with our events page so that you don't miss out because fun loot bags usually await attendees. Our brand partners often give deluxe sample sizes for guests to take home, and you get to meet other beauty lovers while having a great time – what could be better than that?

Online Freebies

Love shopping online? You can score mini makeup in Sephora – they always offer a free sample whenever you check out. BeautyMNL also offers different freebies every month, so you should keep checking back to see what's on offer.


Limited Edition Kits

I love visiting Benefit stores because they often offer so many different kits that include minis of their products! This brand isn’t the only one that offers these kits, though. Kat Von D has her Fearless Favorites kits, while Marc Jacobs makes Lipstick and Gel Crayon Sets. We even have them here in Project Vanity, with our Bridal kit containing makeup and skincare minis from Kanebo and Lunasol! With the holidays fast approaching, you can expect holiday kits to start dropping at stores so instead of springing for just one product release, you might want to take advantage of mini kits and try several items instead!

Buy them!

Did you know that MAC stores actually have a shelf filled with “Mini MACs”? And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like! Brands like Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown also sell minis at their counters. If samples are hard to come by, these minis are definitely great for helping you decide before splurging on full-size. Also look out for minis that you can purchase while at Duty Free in the airport - you bet they have travel-friendly products in there!

Do you love collecting minis? Where do you score yours? And tell us about the best minis you've ever gotten!

Nina is a high school student at Saint Pedro Poveda College. She interns for Project Vanity.