This P185 liquid lipstick is surprisingly comfortable + it's super long-wearing!

I can be a little - okay maybe more than a little - judgy at times. When I received the new Ever Bilena Liquid Lipsticks (P185 in stores) I immediately had low expectations. It's not because of the brand. Ever Bilena has proven itself as a drugstore name to beat this year in terms of quality, but I did not expect much because the colors look pretty dark in the tube. Dark colors in liquid lipstick form tend to be streaky and sad. Not these Ever Bilena ones, though!

First off, the colors look way darker in the tube than when they're worn on the lips. These six new shades are surprisingly pretty wearable and incredibly opaque! These are marketed as "creamy mattes" so I was expecting a mousse-y texture. As it turns out, the lippies feel exactly like a melted lipstick bullet during application. That's how it manages to be so solid-looking in one layer. It's like you're applying traditional lipstick, but with a wand. 

This does drag on the lips due to the melted lipstick texture. It's not hard to work into the lips although I notice the edges are less sharp compared to traditional LLs.

This sets in a minute or so like most liquids and are absolutely scentless. I love that they don't feel caked-up and wrinkly on the lips. I wouldn't say the EB Liquid is moisturizing - you still need a balm underneath! - but they're much less dry and more lightweight compared to the Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick


Staying power is amazing. All the shades can last through at least one (careful) meal, and only has minimal transfer on glass and metal surfaces. They're also non-sticky and don't feel powdery on. The catch: these are not kind to flaky lips. Make sure to thoroughly exfoliate beforehand as these liquid colors tend to showcase even the tiniest of flakes.

There are six new beautiful shades. I find Aura and Serena the best for everyday wear, but do note they look pretty similar to each other; Serena is a sliver more pink. Thalia is a bright pinky red, while Iris is a vampier, deeper red. Are you seeing how opaque these are? My top two picks would be Juno, a gorgeous cocoa with a hint of pink, and Aphrodite, a deep punchy fuchsia that looks fabulous with medium to deep skin tones like mine.


Overall, I find the Ever Bilena Liquid Lipstick an excellent option for those who don't like cakey, uncomfortable liquid lipsticks. At P185 and with such lovely colors, I think it's a steal! If you have dry lips though, you should just skip matte liquid lipstick, period. 

I have to mention that I'm a little bit confused with EB's liquid lipstick lines. The names of each line are too similar, they both have the same matte finish, but the packaging and formula are different. I hope they find a more efficient and distinctive way to name their collections.

What do you think of these new liquids from EB?