Capsule review + FOTD: The Lunasol Party Coffret 2015 Set

Lunasol has fast become one of my favorite brand discoveries this year. Their autumn collection came handy during my trips abroad because the colors are on point and the formula is fuss-free. I may be lazy to do my makeup but with the few Lunasol products I have, I am able to do a look that is polished and poised in the least amount of time possible! The packaging also makes me feel like a million bucks whenever I take it out.

I am equally over the moon with the Lunasol Party Coffret 2015 (P3,500), a limited edition set available this season. It contains five items: an eyeshadow palette, a lip and cheek cream, a colored mascara, lip gloss, and a posh pouch. Together, the products create a fresh, festive look that twinkles in the right places. Separately, the products are great additions to an already solid kit. Allow me to do a quick review of each!

Creamy Cheeks & Lips in EX01 Warm Pink. This is a cream product that's a joy to use on the cheeks. A small amount already gives me a nice flush, but it can be layered to create a stronger tint. I just use my fingers to pat it in! I love the skin-like, dewy finish that it gives my cheeks. I do advise to bring it around as you'll need to retouch every few hours.

On the lips, this product is at best a sheer balm on pigmented lips. It’s hydrating so I actually enjoy using it as a lip balm.  It’s a great topper for lip liner or a drier lipstick. 

Treatment Gloss in EX02 Shiny Warm Pink. Really, Lunasol makes the loveliest moisturizing lip products. This gloss not only provides the juicy shine that the Japanese love on their lips, it also keeps the area hydrated! Warm Pink has some fine, twinkly sparkles that flashes in the right light. Definitely far from tacky!

Coloring Mascara in EX01 Deep Bordeaux. Who knew a dark plum mascara would look this good? I love the subtlety of the color and how it brings out the nuance of my eyes. The formula keeps my curls up and fattens my lashes with no clumping. It also doesn’t smudge even after five hours.

Party Eyes 2015 in EX01 Shiny Deep Brown. Ahh, the star of the show! The four neutral shades in this palette has different finishes and are quite pigmented even without a primer. The texture is so, so silky. I’m also crazy about the tiny applicators because - surprise - they work so well that I sometimes prefer to use them instead of my brushes. 

You’ll find a satin white gold highlighter (perfection), a twinkly medium beige, a shimmery deepened champagne, and a matte dark cocoa in Shiny Deep Brown. At first I thought the colors were too light and cool for my skin tone, but they render beautifully and solidly. 

In this look, I applied the champagne all over my lids then smoked out my crease with the matte cocoa. I blended that upwards with the white gold. Finally, I popped the twinkly beige right in the middle of the lids to get extra texture and dimension. The Deep Bourdeaux Mascara sheds a plummy hue to the whole eye look.

Right on the top of my cheeks I blended the Creamy Cheeks & Lips in Warm Pink; I applied a bit of it on my lips too, then topped it with the Treatment Gloss.

Now this is something I can wear year-round. ^_^ Lunasol is expensive, but it’s worth the splurge if you have the budget. Japanese brands always know what they’re doing!