In Season: Our top picks from Kanebo's all-new Autumn/Winter Collection

Despite having known it for a while now, I still can't get over how Kanebo is over a hundred years old! Our editor Liz has even toured the Kanebo and Kao Museum, which traces the brand's history to its roots as a textile production company in 1887! The secret to the Japanese heritage brand's longevity lies in its ability to combine traditions that are known to work and trends that excite. For autumn of 2017, Kanebo is releasing a huge collection in the Philippines once more. And what's extra exciting is that it will beef up the local selection, as they only entered the Philippines in 2011!

I got to try some of the new releases during the launch event. Here are our top picks, in order of favorites:

Kanebo Luster Cream Foundation with SPF 15, P7,200 for 30ml (available in 8 shades)

A conversation about luxury cosmetics never fails to invite drama so let me be clear: you don't have to spend your hard-earned cash on things that make you feel uncomfortable. At the risk of pulling a Marie Antoinette, this foundation our top pick because it’s extremely on-trend! We are starting to see buzz around skincare-textured luxury foundation that actually offers coverage, and who is more qualified to field an offering than Kanebo? Kanebo’s 5R color technology is one of the best; it’s able to deliver pigmentation with the most luminescent, most skin-like finish. The foundation sets but doesn’t look flat, dull, nor matte. There is a glow, but you can’t really spot specks of shimmer so it looks lit from within. The texture is also an added treat; it feels like an airy nourishing cream!

It’s being released together with the Kanebo Foundation Brush (P3,000), which is an all-black face brush with short, full bristles. The head is cornered at one side and rounded all over, to help you go into the eyes and corners of the nose. 

Lip Primer.jpg
Intense Crayon Rouge.jpg

Kanebo Lip Primer in 01 Lucent Pink, P1,920

With the rise in popularity of matte lips (and lip color in general,) a good lip primer goes a long way in making you look more put together. Kanebo Lip Primer has a soft pink tint that slightly brightens dark lips and is able to fill lip lines without causing lip color to slip.

Kanebo Intense Crayon Rouge, P2,100 (available in 6 colors)

Of all the lip collections I’ve seen from Kanebo, this autumn release has the most Pinay-friendly and wearable colors. Ranging from warm pinks to vibrant reds and deep wines, these colors are a no-brainer for Pinays. Intense Crayon Rouge has a soft matte (not full matte) finish.

Tone  Up Primer.jpg
Varriant Brosse.jpg

Kanebo Tone Up Primer with SPF 15, P3,600 for 30ml

Tone up” is a relatively new beauty trend that Kanebo is getting into, as testament to its marriage of traditions and trends. Many Filipinas have a problem with redness, and a good green-tinted primer can help with that. It’s sheer, so it won't be too difficult to apply for first-time users of color-correcting makeup. It also has a hydrating texture, which I personally appreciate as I’ve fallen out of love with how silicone-based primers mess up a lot of foundations.

Kanebo Variant Brosse (Contour), P1,500  

The idea of any Asian contour excites us! Asian faces are vastly different from Caucasian faces, and anything targeted for Asian skin can make the whole contouring experience easier and prettier. The contour pan is a blend of two colors, to automatically help create a more natural shading. Both contain 5R color technology as, and it helps with making these base products look more natural rather than painted on.


Kanebo Skin Gloss Oil Water, P3,000 for 50ml

One of the more unique skincare releases of late, the Kanebo Skin Gloss Oil Water taps into the Japanese fascination with minimalist, watery, and light skincare. This bi-phase formula contains both essence and oil which supposedly has the dual action of the light essence sinking in to the pores, and the oil sealing it in.

Kanebo is also releasing the Kanebo Selection Colors Eyeshadow in 06 Elegant Lavender (P3,300). It’s an expansion of an existing eyeshadow collection, which we started seeing last year. Meanwhile, the Kanebo Volume Framing Mascara (P2,280) features a thin wand and waxy formula, making it easy to define and volumize each lash. There’s also a Kanebo Eyebrow Mascara in 01 Neutral Grayish and 02 Neutral Brownish (P1,680 each) featuring a two-sided brush. The long side helps tint the hairs evenly, while the short side helps add definition. We love how this formula isn’t messy on the skin!


The skincare side is not lacking, as Kanebo fills up the lifetime collection of its Chrono Beauty-inspired skincare shelves. The Kanebo Graceful Flow Lotion (P6,000 for 180ml) is a ‘hydrating toner’ of sorts, because as you may recall, Japanese skincare incorporates a watery lotion in place of a toner. It addresses long-term issues centered around aging, through a collection of active botanicals: loquat leaf extract, watercress extract, and geranium robertianum extract. The Kanebo Fulfilling Emulsion (P7,200 for 100ml) mainly targets fine lines and is meant as a second layer to the Graceful Flow Lotion, while the Kanebo Skin-Tightening Cream (P12,000 for 40ml) marks the final step in a Kanebo anti-aging skincare routine.

Kanebo is available through Rustan’s. We recommend a visit to personally experience the luxury we keep talking about!