Review+ swatches: Your first exclusive look at the new Kanebo

Kanebo is a heritage beauty brand that's been around for 80 years. It actually started as a business which produced silk thread in 1906 before releasing its first beauty product, a facial soap named Savon De Soie, in 1936. During its rich and recently, heavily embattled history, it has created unforgettable brands like Lunasol, Impress, Freshel, Kate Tokyo, and Sensai, which caters to markets with different budgets. Today it is one of the top Japanese cosmetics conglomerates in the world, and is available in over 50 countries and regions.

Recently, Kanebo has announced a surprising development: they have effected a total makeover of their 80-year old brand. They are now going for a younger, more modern look, starting with choosing supermodel Arizona Muse as their new face. She dons a casual look with effortless makeup - more approachable, more cool but obviously elegant in all the ways that count. That is what Kanebo aspires to be today and they are definitely pulling it off!

Today I'd like to talk about some of Kanebo's latest products which are coming out in Japan on September 15. I've been using these for a couple of months and they are pretty good! They won't be out in the Philippines until November 2016, and yes, Lunasol will be phased out in PH in the process, but I think that the Kanebo cosmetics line could prove to be more exciting to makeup fans. Here's your first look into some of the products under the new Kanebo brand!

The Kanebo Dual Eye Liner is a double-ended liner with liquid and pencil tip. It's a simple idea, but it's genius. Why aren't there more brands doing this? I love using pencil liners to mattify and further intensify liquid liners, and I love using them separately to achieve different looks. These two liners don't budge or smudge on me. They are also pretty intense! Refills can be purchased for each tip so it's less expensive over time. 

The Kanebo Pencil Eyebrow in 01 Neutral Gray is, for lack of a better term, perfect. It creates hairline strokes that look absolutely natural, and the spoolie! OMG. It's soft and plushy and is fatter in the middle to blend the makeup better. It's so good, I don't even need to layer products to micro-manage the shape of my brows! I will probably buy the refill when I'm out. It's just that good.

The Kanebo Selection Colors Eyeshadow in 01 Cool Monotone is a basic neutral palette for a daytime or smoky eye. It has a light taupe, a cool brown, a matte white, grey, and black included. Note that they won't be as pigmented as the American eyeshadows we're used to since Japanese eyeshadows are really meant to be subtle, but nonetheless they contour the eye beautifully with little fuss. The applicators are top notch; you won't even need brushes unless you insist upon it.

Finally, I've got the Kanebo Moisture Rouge in 05 Core Red. This is a juicy red that's great for everyday looks. I love how moisturizing it is and how well it sticks on the lips even so. It's a classic color with a comfortable formula that you can't go wrong with! The hefty packaging is so luxe, too.

Here's a look I did using the Neutral Black Liquid Liner, Cool Monotone palette, and Core Red lipstick. I did a smoky eye to show off the intensity that can be achieved with the colors. Hope you enjoyed this exclusive preview! <3 I think this is one of the first reviews online. Let me know what you think of Kanebo's bold move and if there's anything you're looking forward to see from them soon!

PS I have samples of their new glow primer and foundation and guys, if you love the dewy skin look, you're gonna love them too!