On Living Boldly: A recap of the Project Vanity x Revlon Beauty and Bravery event

Funny how it time flies - it’s already September! Seems like it was only January when we all listed down our resolutions and goals. While things may not always go as planned and facing the unknown is very scary, it’s important to be brave and keep going.

This idea of bravery is the central point of the Project Vanity x Revlon Beauty and Bravery event that we recently held in Makati. Project Vanity community members gathered with us at Xception for an afternoon of milk tea, coffee, and sharing brave moments. It was a one-of-a-kind event as it was very intimate and really allowed us to talk and listen to each other. Plus, it turned into a bonding session as we became real-life friends with people we’ve only interacted with at the PVC Facebook group!


Liz kicked it off with a talk about about her experience of running Project Vanity and creating In Her Element, both of which have taught her many lessons. Pursuing both require her to face uncertainty about the future, so she shared three tips that help her to live boldly:

  1. Know all the facts - analysis starts with data. Bravery isn’t the same as being reckless. Your decision should be an informed one.

  2. Look at other people who you look up to, and see what their timelines are like. This doesn’t mean that your own experience has to be the same, but it helps you keep things in perspective.

  3. Surround yourself with people whose futures you want for yourself. Being around others who have the same drive and values as you is a great motivator.

One of my personal favorite moments was when Revlon’s brand manager Harold Grande shared his own story of bravery. From being a long-time member of the academe, he shifted careers to pursue his dream job. He reminded us that apart from courage, these things don’t happen overnight - it took perseverance, determination, and a lot of hard work.

With the mood properly set, we then broke into two groups that Liz and Den each facilitated. Liz’s group discussed what helps them to build their confidence, while I joined Den’s group where we talked about what our fears are and how we deal with them. This is easily another moment that I truly treasured! The ladies in our group generously shared their personal stories and opened up about their struggles to be brave in their daily lives. It was a very honest and intimate discussion, and we ended up having to pass some tissues around. I think I can speak for the PV team when I say that we’re truly humbled by the trust and the willingness to share with the rest of the community!


Of course, as in every PV event, all attendees got to take home a loot bag of beauty goodies. This time, we received seven essentials for creating a bold eye look, courtesy of Revlon! But more than makeup, I hope the attendees were all able to find a safe place in our community to share things about themselves and the support necessary to living bold and authentic lives.


Have you attended a Project Vanity event before? What other non-beauty topics would you want us to discuss in the future?