Beauty But Better: You're invited to Project Vanity's 11th Anniversary Event!

You guys might know that I started Project Vanity while I was still in college. It was a simple review blog featuring the best makeup that my public school allowance can buy - i.e. not much! I was a different person back then, being utterly self-conscious and secretly ashamed that I looked like the way I did. Now, I am myself. I run a pretty good business with an amazing team, living a dream that didn’t even cross my mind whenever I thought about my future, 11 years ago.

All of this would simply not be possible without Project Vanity and its community of women who always strive to become more. To be better, in all aspects that matter. Your comments online and our meet ups in person during events made me realize that the real strength of Project Vanity today isn’t just the content - it’s you. Because you’re different. You think for yourself and you make decisions carefully. It still bothers you when people don’t understand your choices (you are human) but you refuse to live on others’ terms. Myself and the Project Vanity Team might have a tiny contribution to this (at least in the beauty advice department), but your strength has always been there and that’s what drew you to this corner of the Internet, along with others just like you.

This is why Project Vanity’s 11th Anniversary Event theme this year is “Beauty But Better”. We want to push the message that physical beauty is just one aspect to work on; there are other areas in our life that we can beautify and improve. If we are to be better people with a better life, we need to put in the time and effort to deserve it all!

We hope you can join us on April 6, Saturday, 12nn to 6pm, at the Rockwell Club (beside Powerplant Mall, Makati). We will have a full day of talks and demos to inspire us all in our #beautybutbetter goals! We also have booths for you to check out from Ellana, Himawari, and In Her Element, and of course a gift bag from us worth over P7,000. Expect goodies from our generous sponsors: SephoraEllanaHimawariIn Her ElementBelle De Jour Power PlannerHappy SkinSoliquePink SugarZenutrients,Colourette, and Dr. Morita.

For the activities, we have prepared four segments for you!

Productive Beauty: How journaling can help you achieve your life goals by Darlyn Ty-Nilo, Founder and CEO of Belle De Jour Power Planner

Self-Care Beauty: Practical meditation tips to help you deal with life’s challenges

Brave Beauty: Lessons from a female entrepreneur by Angela Dinglasan, President of Zenutrients

Woke Beauty: A panel discussion on how to be a smarter beauty consumer by the Project Vanity Team

We are also glad to welcome The Foundation Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to helping women who are victims of human trafficking, at our event. They create self-care kits from your makeup donations, which help their beneficiaries regain their self-confidence. Please bring beauty products at the event to donate - as long as they’re in a good, sanitized condition that you would give to a friend, they want it! More details on how to donate here.

Excited? Yay! Please purchase your tickets below. It is P1,595 and includes drinks and light snacks at the venue.

Who’s coming? How many Project Vanity anniversary events have you attended so far?