Grease Girl Diaries: We compare five blotting sheets under 200 pesos

My control freak self always likes to be prepared, but on the days that I get lax about it, things will go wrong. Case in point: last year, I was visiting nearby towns from Tokyo. It was summer, and I was dying from the heat. While I tried my best to summer-proof my makeup, I’m an oily gal and things are bound to move around. When I checked on my makeup in the bathroom, I was met with Grease Kelly and discovered that I had left my powder at our Airbnb! Luckily, there was a nearby department store that housed several beauty brands. I grabbed a pack of the blotting papers, and have never been without them ever since.

While blotting films are usually sturdier, the little bits of plastic are pretty bad for the environment. They are also often more expensive than blotting papers, and can easily eat into your beauty budget if you’re a fellow oily gal who needs to use them everyday. So I decided to test out five different blotting papers under P200 and readily available in malls to find out which one deserves top spot in a grease girl’s kikay kit!

Finess Oil Control Sheets, P31.75 for 100 sheets at Watsons

This is the flimsiest paper of the bunch, which makes sense since it’s also the cheapest at about P0.32 per sheet. It may be cheap but I have to use two sheets to absorb all the oil. Also, if you have pasmado hands like me, picking out the paper from its packaging is a bit difficult. The paper absorbs moisture easily and makes more prone to tearing. I’m also not a fan with how this is packaged - it’s just a little envelope with loose sheets. For all my nitpicking, the price is very affordable and it does the job just fine.

Bench Prescribe Facial Absorbent Paper, P55 for 100 sheets at Bench

Compared to Finesse, the material feels a bit more sturdy and I haven’t noticed it breaking apart as easily when I blot down. I still need to use two sheets of this when blotting though, so the cost P0.55 per sheet adds up. These sheets are also only available in Bench stores, so it’s a bit more difficult to stock up on.

Pretty Secret Oil Blotting Paper, P59 for 60 sheets at Watsons

This blotting paper has variants that claim to do different things: super absorbency for the charcoal variant, and pimple-fighting for the green tea variant. While the charcoal variant did absorb a good amount of oil, I did not notice any effects from the green tea variant. Skip the green tea and just go for the charcoal. It’s a bit pricier at about P0.98 per sheet but I only needed to use one sheet to blot my entire face.

Muji Cosmetic Paper, P75 for 100 sheets at Muji

I was quite surprised by how much I like these because I used to think those cheap blotting papers work just fine. I only needed to use one sheet to blot my entire face, and it actually comes out cheaper than Pretty Secret at just P0.75 per sheet! I also love how the packaging was designed to dispense the paper: it’s like how pulling a facial tissue prepares the next sheet for use. I’m personally a big fan of Muji’s other beauty finds as well but they have only a few stores in the PH and none available in provincial areas. You may want to make the most of your trip and hoard these when you visit!

Happy Skin x Sanrio Skin Perfecting Super Absorbent Charcoal Blotting Sheets, P175 for 50 sheets at Happy Skin and Beauty Bar

I’ll be real with you: I felt wary when I saw the price tag on these. Blotting paper is something I need to constantly stock in my kit so it was hard to imagine spending P3.50 per sheet. Liz is constantly raving about these though, and when I finally tried these out for myself, I immediately understood why! The first time I used this, I hadn’t blotted at all that day so I was at my greasiest. Surprisingly, it seemed as if the paper sucked out all the oils from my face, leaving it soft and matte! The size of the sheet is also much larger than all the variants I’ve tried, and I only use about ¾ of the sheet to completely blot down.


The Verdict: I really didn’t want to like it because of the steep price tag, but the Happy Skin sheets may be a new permanent fixture in my kit because it’s Just. So. Good! I also have a soft spot for the Muji Cosmetic papers because it has saved me tons of times and offers the best value for my money.

Have you tried the Happy Skin or Muji blotting papers? Which one is the best for you?