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Deodorant on your face? Don’t do it! Here’s what to try for oil control instead

For the past few months, I’ve written quite extensively about armpits and antiperspirants. It sounds very unglamorous, but living in a tropical country like the Philippines means that we have to deal with heat and sweat on a daily basis. And because underarms aren’t the only parts of our body that get sweaty, I found an online beauty hack that - believe it or not - recommends rubbing deodorant on your face! It’s supposed to act like a primer that mattifies and prevents your face from producing both oil and sweat. I’m sorry, WHAT?

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The It List: 14 charcoal products to add to your beauty routine

Charcoal in skincare? It’s actually more common than you think! Activated charcoal is a fine black powder processed at very high temperatures, making it more porous than regular charcoal. Because of this feature, activated charcoal has many different uses, including as an oral treatment for poison because it binds with different toxins.

When used in skincare, it is believed that the sponge-like structure of activated charcoal makes it effective at absorbing dirt and oil. As an oily skinned gal, I often see activated charcoal as a featured ingredient in products prescribed for my skin type, but it can also be used in small amounts by those with dry and sensitive skin.

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Grease Girl Diaries: We compare five blotting sheets under 200 pesos

My control freak self always likes to be prepared, but on the days that I get lax about it, things will go wrong. Case in point: last year, I was visiting nearby towns from Tokyo. It was summer, and I was dying from the heat. While I tried my best to summer-proof my makeup, I’m an oily gal and things are bound to move around. When I checked on my makeup in the bathroom, I was met with Grease Kelly and discovered that I had left my powder at our Airbnb! Luckily, there was a nearby department store that housed several beauty brands. I grabbed a pack of the blotting papers, and have never been without them ever since.

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Beauty Battles: We compare the five best mattifying primers for oily skin

Waking up early to get ready and perfect your makeup can be quite a chore, so it feels like a complete disaster when your makeup starts sliding off after just 3 hours! Having oily skin can be quite a challenge but you don’t necessarily have to just let your hard work go to waste. A mattifying primer can completely change your makeup game! 

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Finally, Happy Skin now has a skincare line for anti-aging and oil-control

Can you even imagine what it was like before Happy Skin Cosmetics? This brand revolutionized the local beauty scene when it successfully introduced the concept of makeup with skincare benefits, offering stellar formulations to address specifically Pinay concerns. So it came as a pleasant (though not completely unexpected!) surprise to find out that the next logical step for them was to create a dedicated skincare line, Happy Skin Beauty!

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Magic Or Mayhem? We test out the Pond's Magic Powder BB

In the words of the wise men of Bowling for Soup, high school never ends. I started to believe it when my cringe-worthy high school days haunted me back in the form of the Pond's Magic Powder BB. This bottle of powder had been making rounds online as a super cheap yet effective oil-control powder so I made sure to pick up a bottle during my Bangkok trip last year. You can find this at any neighborhood 7-Eleven in Thailand but in the PH, availability is limited to online sellers.

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Are the L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks good for oily and troubled skin?

Sheet masks may be in the limelight right now but if you have oily or combination skin, then a clay mask can be a great addition to your skincare regimen. While sheet masks are mostly designed to infuse the skin with moisture, clay masks work to draw out impurities and help reduce oiliness.

Early this year, the internet went abuzz when L’Oreal released a line of pure clay masks that got rave raviews. We at PV hoped that the brand would bring them here in the PH, and our prayers were answered!

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Oil Control Week: Ellana Sheer Velvet Powder Primer

According to a top makeup artist, the best way to conceal pores is to mattify them. Piling on primers and makeup will only make them more obvious to the eye; it's best to mattify the offending area to make the craters of those pores recede! So yes, if you have big pores, avoid products with any shimmer or sparkle in them. Go for matte and mattifying makeup.

Anyway, let's continue with my last post for Oil Control Week! Here I have the Ellana Sheer Velvet Powder Primer (P460) an ultra-fine, zero coverage powder with the sole purpose of smoothing out skin and absorbing oil. It is marketed both as a primer and finishing powder (I'll explain why later) but personally I prefer to use it as the last step in my makeup routine.

Primer, what? I know it can be confusing to claim a powder to be a primer, but this is a primer in the sense that it can absorb oil under your makeup. It can also make your powder base go on more evenly since this powder fills in pores and lines, thus smoothing out such imperfections even before you wear foundation.

Texture. But, you say, can't any other translucent powder do that? Not really. This powder is so cushy and fine that I advise you not to inhale while applying it or your throat will feel weird. It's so cushy and fine, Ellana can't make a pressed version because it will fall apart. It's just one of those things you need to touch first to understand!

The fine powder can get into those hard to fill areas on your face, thus creating an ultra smooth canvas.

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Oil Control Week: Benefit POREfessional Agent Zero Shine

We've already talked about products that can somehow lessen the oil that makes it to the surface of your face, right, but they aren't going to stop your skin from producing oil. That's just a fact of life. No matter how effective your skincare is it'll only be a matter of hours before your face shines up. Accept it and move makeup!

It's SOP to have blotting paper, powder, and a brush in your bag wherever you go. This trio is the best way to remove shine without ruining the stuff you have on underneath. However, what if there's a way to streamline and simplify the shine-busting? Do away with the blotting paper, and combine the brush and powder in one product?

And thus the Benefit POREfessional Agent Zero Shine (P1,600) powder was born. This is a talc-based powder that promises to blur pores and smoothen your complexion while mattifying your skin. It is super silky and finely-milled, containing mineral ingredients that are highly oil absorbent.

Single shade, simplified. There is only one shade available - a peachy one that provides translucent coverage. It should match all skin tones without leaving a white cast. This will melt on your skin quickly enough, giving it a flawless matte finish.

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Oil Control Week: Mario Badescu Silver Powder

Nope, it's technically not makeup! The Mario Badescu Silver Powder (P745) is more like a face mask and acne troubleshooter than anything else. It's a skincare product that could pass off as finishing powder - actually, if you really want to maximize it, you can add a pinch of it to your loose powder just to amp up the oil-controlling properties. Just a pinch for one jar, no more.

For the Silver Powder is crazy oil absorbent. It contains calcium carbonate, which is a kind of chalk commonly used in mineral makeup, as well as kaolin clay (usually found in masks and long-wearing makeup) and zinc oxide (a sunscreen agent). It's mission is clear and devastatingly simple: to absorb excess oil and bring blackheads to the surface.

To use, dip a damp cotton bud into the powder and cover your nose with the wet powder. That should bring out most of the oil and impurities hiding near the surface of the skin.

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Oil Control Week: VMV Hypoallergenics Fine Finish Pore Minimizing Skin Mattifier

Everybody is oily. If your skin does not oil up you're probably dead! Oil is a natural expression of our skin as it keeps the surface of our body lubricated and elastic. Some people have more of it than others and this causes problems like acne and unflattering shine. Now there isn't much you can do about your body's oil secretion levels (causes are gentic or hormonal), but there are ways to manage it - that's where beauty products come in.

Lately, I've discovered a few nifty things that can help with the oil, so this week will be dedicated to them. Allow me to bring you Oil Control Week!

I'll kick it off with a super effective product that I've been loving lately: the VMV Hypoallergenics Fine Finish Pore Minimizing Skin Mattifier (P700). This is a toner meant to be used like any other toner, but what makes it different is its main ingredients, Aluminum Chlorhydrate and Sodium Bicarbonate. These two are usually found in anti-perspirants and deodorants.

You're probably thinking, yuck. But I swear that this is a pretty effective toner! I've been using it for about three weeks now and I have noticed that my skin is much less oily, even when I've been out for like six hours. I didn't change anything about my skincare regimen except for this toner.

This toner is matapang. It lets off a fume-like smell that can sting your eyes if you apply it too near that area; the toner itself also has high alcohol content. My skin feels super dry and tight after I use it! However it feels okay after I apply my moisturizer. 

I'll be completely honest with you, this isn't a pleasant product to use.

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M.A.C Week: Blot Powder in Medium Deep

M.A.C makeup has been a staple in my kit since I bought the Studiofinish concealer four years ago. I didn't have a lot of money then, being a fresh grad on my first job, but I remember feverishly researching that product and swatching it repeatedly until I coughed up the cash. Incidentally, I still use the Studiofinish up to this day (I think this is my fifth pan)!

I've been steadily acquiring M.A.C products since then. They're dependable, and they come in such wonderful colors too. I have a few new M.A.C items here that deserve the spotlight. So - ta-dah! - I would like to present Project Vanity's M.A.C Week!

I'll start with a product that brings me back full circle: the M.A.C Blot Powder in Medium Deep (P1,375). This is one of the first I've ever tried from the brand! I remember reviewing this years ago, but for some reason that post wasn't properly exported to my .com domain. Oh well. Here's a proper review now!

The M.A.C Blot is a fairly straightforward powder. It's matte, has a silky texture and translucent coverage, although you can build it up if you wish. It's amazing at controling oil without "thickening" the makeup underneath it. It's incredibly useful for long-haul days when oil is just another part of the job description!

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Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder

How oily are you, on a scale of one to ten? I have combination skin but in this weather, I'm quite oily most days! During normal weather I'd say I'm a 6.5 in oiliness, but this season's deadly combination of heat and humidity makes me feel like I'm an 8! Ugh. Good thing I managed to grab the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder (P1,050 for 3oz / P700 for 1.5oz) from Digital Traincase early last April. It really helped me manage the extra oil, and gives my skin a super smooth finish to boot.

Here's a rundown!

What I love about the product

  • Helps me control oil on my face longer. I usually oil up in two hours, but if I wear a layer of Ben Nye on top of whatever foundation I have on, I delay the oil for at least two hours.
  • The translucent, slightly yellowish coverage allows me to wear it with any base makeup. In fact, I can wear it by itself and it would still smoothen and somehow brighten my skin (due to the yellow tint).

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Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Pact

I initially wanted to include my review of this powder compact along with its soul mate, the Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream, but I thought it deserved a separate post on its own. It is A Really Good Powder, after all, one that I've been using ever since I got it!

Truth be told I was initially excited and then intimidated about the SPF50 the Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Pact has. Would it be too white? Higher SPF products usually have more titanium dioxide in them, a minerally-derived substance that's responsible for the white cast in photos (or even in plain sight).

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