Five skin care finds you should try from Proud Mary

When I first heard about the K-beauty craze, I was admittedly very skeptical. How do you even consider trying a brand you'd never heard of, much less one with product labels you can't even read? One Leaders mask and several episodes of Beautiology later, I was hooked and hell-bent on getting more Korean skin care products to try in a bid to achieve that coveted dewy glow!

The brands I found in the mall actually work great and have found their way into both my skincare and makeup routines, but when I heard that we now have high-end Korean products locally available through About Face PH, I couldn't help but feel intrigued. If the mass market stuff already work wonders, imagine what more a premium brand can do!

I was thrilled to learn that Proud Mary is produced by a cosmeceutical company. They are a "derma technology brand" that works very closely with skin specialists, which makes me feel that their products feature more cutting edge technology and higher expertise. I also loved that their packaging features English text so I could actually read the ingredients and instructions for use! And in case you were wondering, they've been featured in K-dramas such as Come Back Mister, I Have A Lover, Divorce Lawyer In Love, and My Heart Twinkle Twinkle. Here are five products that I would definitely recommend trying out from their line:

Mild Sun Block Shake PA+++ SPF50+ (P1,299)

I actually started wearing sunscreen early because my mom warned me of getting freckles if I didn't, but I hate the sticky, oily feeling it leaves on my face. Thanks to this lightweight liquid formula though, I am no longer guilty of going out with no UV protection on, even on muggy days! It spreads easily, sits well under makeup, and doesn't have that funny sunscreen smell. I feel like it's actually absorbed by my skin as opposed to just sitting on top of it, and it doesn't give me that unflattering shine so I imagine that even oily-skinned gals can use this. It's supposed to have plant extracts that make it gentle enough even for sensitive skin, and I do find it moisturizing enough to use on its own. True to its promise, there is no dreaded white cast! 

StemS Renewal Age Control Serum (P1,399)

At the grand old age of 32, I figured it was about time I added an anti-aging product to my regimen; it's supposed to be preventive, not corrective after all. And if I'm to make up for any lost time, a potent serum would definitely fit the bill. The star ingredients for this include extracts from snow lotus, black ginseng, grape and... dragon's blood. I'm not kidding: it's a real plant but the name alone makes me feel pretty badass about patting this onto my face. It doesn't smell like anything, and because it's water-based, it simply sinks into my skin with no oily residue. The 50ml bottle contains a lot of product for something you only need a couple of drops of, so I'll post an update about how well the age control works in about a century.

4Nº Nutrition Complex Ampoule series (P999 each)

As their brand philosophy indicates, Proud Mary is about creating specialized skin care solutions for every concern. There are four ampoule variants: Hyaluron (for extremely dry skin), Azulene (for sensitive and irritated skin), Vita C (for blemished and discolored skin), and EGF (for wrinkle care and anti-aging). I'm currently using the EGF variant, which I pat on after applying the serum. It feels a little heavier and more potent than the serum, and has a very subtle scent that disappears quite quickly. It contains Adenosine to help improve skin elasticity. I don't really have wrinkles yet but I've noticed my skin looking brighter since I started using this, which I did before starting on the serum.

4Nº Energy Ampoule Mask packs (P125 each)

If you're not ready to commit to a full-sized bottle of ampoule though, I suggest trying these mask versions first. Get one of each and see which one works best for your skin! The masks are very wet so you'll have a bit of that ampoule goodness leftover to use for a few days. This is also a great alternative to packing delicate glass bottles if you'll be traveling!

Animal Mask packs (P125 each)

They make look cutesy but these IG-worthy sheet masks pack quite a punch! I tried the Anti-aging Horse Oil variant (I'm going to be young forever! LOL) simply because I've been intrigued about the Korean obsession for horse fat in skin care. There are more "traditional" variants for removing sebum and pore blockage (Monkey), whitening and moisturizing (Panda), and wrinkle-fighting collagen (Tiger). Rest assured, there are no weird animal smells here, just that usual vaguely floral scent you get from most sheet masks.

My top picks are definitely the sunscreen and the ampoule, though the serum gets plus points for including such an interesting ingredient. I'm loving how soft and bright my skin's been so far!

If you haven't tried high-end Korean skin care yet (or any Korean skin care products at all), Proud Mary is part of About Face PH's ongoing sale! Make sure to get your K-beauty fix before the sale ends and before stocks run out.

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