Get a deep cleansing facial on a student budget

Do you ever have those days when you miss your younger self? I get a lot of those. It can be hard to appreciate how good you have it when you're an angsty teenager (I know I did!) but compared to worrying about making the right career moves and having enough to pay the bills, flunking a quiz and getting my crush to notice me seem pretty easy. But one thing I DON'T miss about my teenage years are the ugly breakouts! Now that I know better about taking care of myself though, I've realized that one of the causes of acne was poor (okay, practically nonexistent) skin care.

Compounded with the fact that I commuted to school when I was college, the combination of negligence, pollution and unstable adolescent hormones basically spelled disaster for me. Apart from having a Pond's powder compact, I didn't know anything about affordable makeup or skin care at that point. And when you're young and still unsure of yourself, a bad breakout can be a blow to your confidence.

Facial Care Centre ambassador Joyce Pring

Facial Care Centre ambassador Joyce Pring

Fortunately for current high school and college students, Facial Care Centre has a special back-to-school treat. They're offering a 60% off discount on their Deep Cleaning Facial package, which means you can enjoy a suite of services for just P2,000! You'll also be able to consult with FCC's skin experts, who can get you started or put you on the right track to caring for your skin. And yes, the promo is available for men, too!

Simply book your #FCCBackToSchool session through the Facial Care Centre and FOR MEN hotline 892-SKIN/ 813-7959 or through SMS/Viber at 0915-547-4557. Make sure to bring and present your valid school ID to avail of the discount. Discounts can be availed once per person, and are non-transferable and non-refundable. Promo runs until September 30, 2016.

As much as we love makeup here on PV, we can't stress the importance of taking care of your skin enough. If you haven't started on a skin care routine yet or need a boost with your current one, a series of deep cleansing facials will help your skin to behave, hormones be damned.

This story is presented by Facial Care Centre.