Editor's Picks: My top five full coverage and long-wearing liquid foundations

I thought I'd do my column a wee bit different today by sharing my top list through a video. I think that it shows off the liquid foundations best, since I shot how each applies on my bare skin! I have oily combination skin so I do need something that stays put and makes my skin look great, but also feels tolerable in terms of the product's "weight" on my face. Here's what made it to my top five, plus I also talked about how and why incorporating a facial oil to a heavy foundation can make it more appropriate for daily wear.

You can find the full review of each foundation on the links: 

I had wanted to include the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau, but I wouldn't say that it's quite there in terms of full coverage. I love that liquid foundation though, and it's something that can swing for a casual day or a more demanding one. 

Enjoy watching! I also wanna know: what are your top liquid foundations for your skin type?