Club Clio Store Tour: Clio, Peripera, and Goodal are now in Manila

When talk turns to cutting-edge beauty trends and technology, it is practically certain that K-beauty will be mentioned in the same breath. (Does it even come as a surprise?) This industry of makeup and skincare trendsetters is so advanced that we are bombarded with the latest and greatest at every turn. So, if across-the-board innovation can be expected, what could put a particular brand a step above the rest? In the case of Club Clio, it’s Korean popstar-levels of edginess in their products. 

Club Clio recently made its local debut with the launch of its very first store in Trinoma Mall. Along with the introduction of tricked-out cosmetics, Clio came to town with sub-brands Peripera and Goodal. The former is the youthful, kawaii version of Clio, while the latter is focused on all manner of clean and natural skincare. There's something for every kind of beauty lover here but if you don't know where to start, here’s a quick guide on what to expect at the multi-brand Trinoma flagship store.

The much-raved Clio Kill Cover line of base makeup is all about creating a high-coverage base for a smooth, even complexion. The foundations feature matte and moist formulas, so both the oily- and dry-skinned can enjoy coverage with comfort. 

Customize your own palette by selecting from the wide variety of shadows by Clio. The shimmer shadows are BOMB, and one swatch will make you fall in love with how tightly packed the pigments are! I wanted to get one but they were the first to run out. 

For strong hydration with lighter coverage, there is the Clio Nudism line which features unique-looking cushion compacts (with a honeycomb mesh over the cushion!), shimmer-less pen highlighters, and pressed powders. The idea is to deliver a bright, skin-like base with skincare properties.

Because what goes underneath and over makeup is just as important as being on fleek, Clio also has a selection of skincare to prep or refresh the skin. Check out the sunscreen and face mist!

You’ll find the most colorful packaging design, pastels and all, over at Peripera. Like Clio, they also have quite an array of face bases, ranging from tone-up creams to cushion sunscreens to correctors and concealers.

In case you didn’t know, their absolute bestseller is their Peri’s Ink line of lip products. The wide range offers everything from lip tint to liquid lipstick (Peri’s Tint Velvet) to actual lipstick (Peri’s Ink Stick). The Ink line also includes mascara, correctors, and concealers. 

Finally, we explore what’s good from Goodal. The brand features several skincare lines that have specific functions such as moisture (Green Tangerine line), deep cleansing (Black Salt line), and anti-aging (Keratina line). The products in each line are typically enough to form a basic 3- to 5-step skincare regimen, so no need to feel intimidated about having a multistep routine. And, of course, it's always exciting to try new sheet masks!

After spending an afternoon checking out the loaded Club Clio boutique, I got the impression that this new K-Beauty paradise is all about bold and trendy cosmetics while keeping up with the SoKor standard of having a flawless complexion underneath. It may feel like stepping out of your comfort zone but the curation of colors and formulas makes it a unique glam K-beauty experience that I haven't seen anywhere else.

Are you excited about hauling over at Club Clio? What are the top three products on your wishlist?