Seven beauty products to borrow from your baby

Have you ever wondered if you can repurpose your baby's skincare products for yourself? If so, the answer is yes! Formulas made for babies are concocted with the most sensitive skin in mind. Today, we’re taking the statement “treat yourself like a child” literally. Save time and money by borrowing these beauty finds from your baby!


The Nivea Smoothy Cream has a "secret" reputation as being an excellent face moisturizer. It is hailed as a dupe for the famous Embryolisse! The Smoothy Cream is perfect for dry, irritated skin in particular as it has healing properties (because of calendula extract) and it seals in moisture. It's always out of stock but you just might find it in your local supermarket.

image via . You can shop for Mustela online there!

image via You can shop for Mustela online there!

Baby Cologne

There's something so fresh and revitalizing about baby cologne. Some are even apropos for grown ups! One great scent is the Mustela Agua de Colonia. It's so lifting and calm - definitely not just for the littles ones! 

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes clean thoroughly, have emollients, and are very moist. They make for excellent makeup removers! You can use them on their own, or pour a bit of olive oil or baby oil on each wipe for better cleaning. Using baby wipes can be a plus for those with sensitive noses, too, as these products are usually fragrance-free to ensure that babies don’t get irritated.

Petroleum Jelly

There are a lot of ways to use petroleum jelly, but the most common one is for hydrating and smoothing extremely dry skin. Rub some on your elbows and knees to seal moisture onto your skin. Apply a bit on your lips and cuticles for hydration, too. You may also apply some of it before putting on your favorite fragrance to make the scent last longer. Some even claim that applying petroleum jelly to your lashes will help lengthen them! 

Diaper Rash Cream

A lot of people swear that this is the best-kept secret for zapping zits. Does it really work? Most diaper rash creams have zinc oxide as the main ingredient, and zinc oxide has antiseptic and mild astringent properties. So, yes, it’s perfect for acne-ridden skin because not only does it keep the skin clean and help keep oil at bay, it also heals blemishes. Zinc oxide is also great at protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, so if you ever run out of sunscreen, you can slather some of your baby’s nappy cream before getting your refill.

Baby Oil

There have been debates about how safe it is to use mineral oil on the skin. While many are scared to use it because of claims that it clogs pores, it actually is quite safe. A baby’s skin is so gentle and sensitive, so if you can trust that a product will work for a tot, then you should be able to trust it for yourself, too.

Now, what can you use baby oil for? A lot of things. One, it’s great for removing makeup! Just make sure to wash your face thoroughly right after you use the oil. Leaving a mixture of oil and makeup on your face is guaranteed to wreak havoc on your skin.

You can use it as a hair mask, too. I used to do it when I was younger, and the result was sleek, shiny, jet black hair. It’s super easy to do: just detangle your strands, apply the oil, and put on a shower cap. You can even sleep with this on as an overnight treatment then wash the oil out with your favorite shampoo when you take a bath the next day.

Baby Powder

Baby powder is great for keeping skin feeling cool and fresh. But apart from rubbing it on your baby’s delicate skin, you can also use it to get less greasy scalp. During days you don’t want to wash your hair, rub or brush some baby powder on your scalp to keep oil and odor away.

You can also use it to lengthen your lashes! Use a cotton bud to apply a bit of powder on your lashes after applying the first coat of your mascara to act as a lengthening fiber. Once it’s dry, apply the second coat so you don’t look like you have dust on your lashes.

So, are you ready to raid your baby’s basket or the supermarket for these products? Which beauty tip would you like to try? Is there a baby care product that’s already part of your beauty routine?

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