The benefits of petroleum jelly

 You can get petroleum jelly practically anywhere, be it in drugstores, super markets and department stores. The cheapest I've seen is P30 and that's for a fairly large jar. You can use it for practically anything---soothing burns, fixing the creaking hinges of your door, lubricant for you-know-what, removing stuck rings---the list goes on. As a kikay though, how can you maximize this wonderful invention of the human mind? Here are some uses of petroleum jelly for your body.


1. Of course, chapped lips! Slather whenever needed. Also, you can use it for lip color by adding food coloring to the jelly. One drop of red or pink coloring should do te trick. Before you know it, you have instant lip gloss.

2. Cracked heels and elbows. Petroleum jelly can moisturize those areas like the shiznit.

3. Makeup remover! This stuff is perfect for taking the pigment off your face, even your stubborn waterproof mascara. Just dab a bit on your eye area or face and then gently wipe off with cotton or facial tissue.

4. Make your perfume last longer by dabbing a bit of the jelly on your wrists or under your earlobes. Wear your perfume over it. Since petroleum jelly does not get absorbed by the skin, it will stay there (along with your perfume) until it gets wiped off.

5. I'm sure you also hate messy manicures. You can avoid them by applying petroleum jelly to the skin surrounding your nail. If the nail polish happens to graze your skin (oh noes!), just wipe it off with tissue or cotton buds since it will not stick to the petroleum jelly.

6. Use the stuff to tame your eyebrows. Just dab, comb, and you're ready to go.


Hope this is helpful! ^_^ Let me know if you have other suggestions.