Drugstore Week: Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream

Julia of Bless My Bag first got me interested in the Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream (P167) when she raved about it last year. Then, Dinna Vasquez, an editor at Manila Standard, told me on Twitter that she couldn't live without it! I take raves seriously, especially when they're from people I respect, so I hunted high and low for this moisturizer.

It's not easy to find. It's usually out of stock, or simply not available in the baby section of drugstores and supermarkets. I finally got hold of in the Mall of Asia Hypermarket some months back! It was in the bottom of the Nivea baby section then. Anyway, true enough, this "miracle" cream is something special.

This is designed for baby skin, so it's gentle and tested to be hypoallergenic. It doesn't contain parabens, alcohol, and colorants. It also contains natural calendula which is a well-known herbal remedy for wounds and skin irritations. It's meant for the sensitive skin of babies, but surprise - it's also great for big girls like us!

I haven't tried the famous Embryolisse moisturizer, but people say that this is a good dupe. It's lighter, too. You can definitely use it as a face moisturizer (even acne-prone skin), and not break out. Dinna uses it as a substitute to her Embryolisse. As for me, I prefer to use it as a body moisturizer for now. It has a light, non-greasy texture that makes my skin feel super smooth and soft.

I loooove using this when my skin feels itchy or irritated. It calms down rashes, and even the occasional skin asthma. The Smoothy Cream is also a great hand moisturizer! It revives my parched cuticles pretty well.

This smells like a baby's freshly washed bum, if you can imagine that. A little soapy, a little powdery, but it's not overwhelming. :) Like everyone else, I wish there was a perfume-free version but it doesn't bother me that much.

Overall, I recommend the Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream to anyone who is looking for a gentle body or face moisturizer. If you have sensitive skin and find that a lot of moisturizers irritate you, then this might be the one that wouldn't. ;) It's so affordable, it definitely doesn't hurt to try!

Any feedback on the Smoothy Cream? What's your favorite way to use it?

You can find this product at SM Hypermart, Puregold, Watsons, and other leading supermarkets.