Let's tour Avon City, the brand's first ever product expo

A few months ago, I got my hands on some data about the Philippine beauty industry, for work. It contains a lot of useful information about what sells here, what consumers look for, and the ranking of different companies in terms of sales. I made a startling discovery: Avon is, in fact, the number one beauty brand in the country (at least in 2016). Really though I shouldn't have been so surprised! They have great products at affordable prices, plus their direct-selling model is successful here in the PH. Even my mom and grandmother were Avon Ladies!

Recently, I attended a special event by the brand. I've gone to so many over the years and honestly, many of them are pretty standard in their format. Avon City, however, is something else. It is Avon's first product expo held in Mall of Asia SMX in conjunction with their Sales Leaders Congress (SL Congress). The event also marked the first time that the company has held its SL Congress simultaneously with its National Sales Convention (NASCON).

Avon City featured different "zones" that showcased their new and upcoming releases. There was a Home and Kids Market, Fragrance Be Arcade, Avon Fashions Loungerie, Avon Skin Care Juice Bar, Jewelry Chocolaterie, Simply Pretty Picnic Park, Avon Accessories Cake Shop, and Personal Care and Color Theater. It literally looked like a mini-city inside SMX! I had a great time touring the place and checking out the latest from Avon.

I almost didn't make it to this event, but I'm really glad I went. I was inspired by the concept, and what the Avon PH Team has accomplished so far in our home court. Glad to have caught up with Faith Fernandez-Mondejar, director for communications of Avon APAC and Philippines, and Patricia De Leon-Rodriguez, Avon Philippines Head of Beauty, as well! I've known Faith since forever, when I was just a new beauty blogger. I think it's been seven years now? She has always been so supportive of Project Vanity from the very start.

Congratulations again to the Avon PH Team!