K-Beauty Brand Highlight: Village 11 Factory

Confession time: I am someone who is obsessed with achieving perfect face texture. I feel like I need zero pores, and zero peach fuzz, and (most of all) zero flakiness. Now I’ve made peace with the pore thing (if you don’t have pores, maybe see a doctor) and the peach fuzz (easily eliminated and PCOS is a thing that needs to be dealt with) but the flakiness has plagued my existence for as long as I can remember.

I have an oily t-zone, which is also frustratingly prone to flakiness and the occasional hormonal breakout. Even with regular exfoliation, skin flakes around my nose, on my chin, on the sides of my mouth, and near the inner corner of my eyes appear after a day or two and they are the worst when I don’t drink enough water.

Enter: my skincare routine boosted by Village 11 Factory’s moisture toner, serum, cream, and body wash. The Korean beauty brand’s line promises to moisturize without the heavy feel. Its formulas are infused with devil’s claw root extract, a herb that is sometimes used for certain skin injuries and conditions.

I tested the Village 11 Factory moisture line for more than three weeks and with these additions to my routine, I can say that I’ve become pretty satisfied with the texture of my face and have more freedom with my foundation and concealer coverage. I can go as light as just sunscreen with a touch of concealer to full coverage 12++ hour foundation because the products won’t emphasize dryness and blotting is no big deal.

The Moisture Toner (P650 for 120ml at Mei Satsuki) makes it to my nightly routine, following my double cleanse with In Her Element’s First Wash Cleansing Oil and The Face Shop’s Rice Water Cleansing Milk. Due to my proneness to dehydration, even the most mild cleansers can strip my face of its natural oils. The toner really balances everything out and prepares my face for treatment. It even softens my skin when I pat and massage it in.

I use the Moisture Serum (P750 for 50ml at Mei Satsuki) when I feel like I need an extra boost or plan to wear full coverage foundation the next day. It has a water-to-oil texture that, when used with the toner, needs to be pumped and spread sparingly to avoid a slightly tacky feeling that will actually fade away in a couple of minutes (definitely before you even fall asleep). If you’re sensitive about that kind of feeling, take note. I can definitely use it without other serums and essences but I will use it in tandem with my Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair serum if I had a long night out or my In Her Element Spot Control Facial Oil if I feel some breakouts coming along.

Either way, I wake up with plump, smooth skin that almost never needs priming anymore.

If I want to treat myself to an at-home spa time, I use the Moisture Cream (P750 for 120ml at Mei Satsuki) like a sleeping pack and massage the product in, concentrating in the eye area. With the other two in my regimen, the cream is really just an additional touch. I don’t think you need all three — the toner will work with either the serum or cream.

Lastly, the Body Oil Wash (P650 for 300ml at Mei Satsuki) is useful for someone who needs light body hydration with a weightless feel. It doesn’t even veer into oily territory and doesn’t have a noticeable scent. It needs some shaking before usage and the click opening makes you use more than you need, but it’s perfect for cleansing and moisturizing my tattooed areas. I think it’s nice to have but otherwise not essential.

Overall, I’m really impressed because Village 11 Factory delivers on its promise of moisture without the ick. When I run out of the toner it will be an automatic repurchase. If you want overnight or even instant hydration, or want to get rid of flakiness, this one’s for you.

What face textures are you obsessed with and how do you deal with them? Lemme know in the comments section.

Village 11 Factory is available at Mei Satsuki’s page on Shopee.