The Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation is the lightweight and invisibly skin-like base you deserve

Liquid foundations are excellent for getting that perfectly filtered, photogenic complexion. However, they also normally require too much work to apply, they feel heavy in a tropical setting, and look noticeably thick in person. I really recommend using a tinted moisturizer/BB cream/ CC cream/ blur cream instead if you want to make your skin look instantly flawless, but still natural. Just set 'em with your favorite powder foundation on a normal day out!

BUT. And here's the big but. The new Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation (P2,700) makes an excellent case for itself as a foundation for studio and for everyday use. It's incredibly lightweight and the coverage is, as promised, invisible. The first time I used it I was honestly wondering where all the foundation in my face went - my skin looks exactly like my skin. Rather too exactly, actually, since I could still spot my lines and blemishes.

The magic however happens once this foundation sets and is finished up with your favorite powder. I don't know how it works but my skin just looks infinitely better while still like itself; you really just have to see it in person to understand what I mean! The coverage is light to medium, and the foundation has a watery texture, but it is able to lessen the appearance of problem areas while still allowing your skin to show through. You just need to give it time to...develop, is the word.

It has a satin finish that makes skin look creamy. You can get an idea of it in my FOTD below. I think I just used the L'Oreal Mat Magic to set it here. So nice no? Staying power is equally impressive. I get oily as usual (about three hours into wearing it) but I did not notice any obvious fading even after eight hours of wear. (Tip: Use the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Primer if you want to hold off the oil, if you're particularly oily. It's the best primer Ive tried to date.)

My perfect shade match is Y345. I must mention that there are 35 shades (if I remember rightly) available here in the Philippines. Thirty-freakin'-five. How awesome is that? There are two shade categories - Y, for yellow tones, and R for reddish/beige tones. I'm a Y as I have a warm color. The shades are numbered close to each other so some might look too similar; this is the kind of foundation you have to wear on your whole face and go out in broad daylight AND test with flash photography before you invest in your shade!

The best way (for me) to apply the MUFE Ultra HD is with a stippling brush. It has a really wet texture so I feel that a sponge or a dense brush will just absorb too much of the product. A stippling brush will deposit most of it on my face while giving me a soft-focus finish! I first pump the product on the back of my hand or on my metal palette for convenience. I use about two pumps per application and it only takes me less than five minutes to smooth the foundation over my skin seamlessly. It's just so easy to work with!

So is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation worth the P2,700 price tag? If you want a realistically flawless, creamy complexion and an easy to apply, long-wearing, and lightweight formula to get you there, this foundation is for you! The MUFE Ultra HD is perfect for events, shoots, and even just normal days at the office when you want to look extra pretty (wear sunscreen though). ^_^ What do you think? Is this the liquid foundation you've always dreamed of?