How to keep your skincare from leaking while you're traveling

Nothing is more disappointing than seeing your precious skincare leaking all over your beauty kit after traveling for hours on end. It makes such a sticky mess, and what will you do without your must-have moisturizer? That is the question! It's worse than accidentally leaving behind all your panties, in my humble opinion! (Semi-joke.)

Three words, ladies: contact lens cases. They are the best at being zero-leak space savers in your on-the-go kit. I bring a couple in my gym bag to house my shampoo and moisturizer; I don't know why I didn't do this more often in my trips before! 

There are some products that just seem to escape no matter how tightly you put them in a jar. Some leak-proof bottles tend to be too big for the type of product and are not squeezy enough for certain cream formulas. Contact lens cases are designed to be a fortress since they're meant to keep saline solutions from evaporating.

I've found that they can seal in even oily products and can house moisturizers and facial washes with enough amounts for up to 4-6 uses. Really handy if you're just out for a few days! You can also always take more cases since they are so cheap in optical shops. I even get mine for free whenever I buy new lenses.

If you're going to re-use an old case, I recommend you sanitize it thoroughly with alcohol or hot water first. You don't want to contaminate your products before you even get to use them. If you're truly OC, you can bring a small spatula to scoop the products out.

Last tip: do label your cases so that you know what's inside. I use a Sharpie to mark my toner, moisturizer, facial wash, and shampoo for my current kit. ^_^ Hope you found my tip useful! I've been thinking a lot about traveling lately hence this particular post.