Love: Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Radiant Primer

I've always thought of primers as non-essential products. If I have A Really Good (And Perhaps, Expensive) Foundation on, I expect it to stay put and look good all day! Why do I have to bother with primer? It's an extra expense and step I've mostly lived without.

Now that my skin has been better though I've found that I wear thinner and thinner makeup. Sheer makeup though has a catch - it's not known for having the best staying power since there's so little of it. It looks spectacularly natural, but it fades away easily. 

The solution? Barely-there primers! If they have brightening and color correcting powers then that's even better. That's precisely why I love the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer (P2,350), a base that makes skin look imperceptibly good while keeping your makeup in place - in only one step!

I have two here, the Blue and the Peach, both brightening bases. The Blue helps to take down the yellow tones and sallowness of the complexion, while Peach makes skin look generally healthier and fresher. Both are completely sheer. They leave no visible tint, but you'll notice that your makeup is influenced by them as described above.

I like both colors but Peach is a no-brainer to reach out for. I reserve Blue for seriously dull skin days! 

These primers don't have the typical heavy silicone feel; they feel like a moisturizer that simply sets, actually. They feel smooth and a tad powdery to the touch once dry. They hold makeup down so well that even my wettest or thinnest foundations do not fade during the day. I get dewy after four or five hours, but it's the kind of dewy that looks quite pretty. I retouch only once if I'm, say, out for ten hours.

I use about two pea-sized amounts for my whole face as a little goes a long way. I wait for the primer to dry completely before putting my concealer and powder foundation on. 

Wearing Peach under my foundation here. See how my skin looks so smooth and full of light!

Wearing Peach under my foundation here. See how my skin looks so smooth and full of light!

The catch? The MUFE Step 1 primer performs excellently, I give you that, but it costs almost as much as a high end foundation.  If you still have not invested in one then do that first; if you have and need something else to improve your base routine, then get this. It'll truly make a difference in how your makeup looks and lasts during the day!

Overall, I highly recommend the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Primer to anyone who suffers from dull and oily skin, or just anyone who needs their makeup to stay on longer with less retouching. ^_^ Worth the splurge, IMHO! Your thoughts?