Giveaway alert! Win a Cure Natural Aqua Gel + Water Treatment Skin Cream set

I've been a Cure Natural Aqua Gel user for two years and I swear to you, it truly improved the texture of my skin. It's something that I use at least twice a week! It's especially helpful when my skin is feeling blah from recent break outs. It also helps to remove any residue or buildup I might have on my face during the week.

I was thrilled to hear about the Water Treatment Skin Cream, a milky gel moisturizer that's super lightweight. It makes my skin feel like it was just exfoliated with Cure after every use. It was supposedly created for Toyo Life employees who get dry hands from opening cardboard boxes delivered everyday. 

Yes, it's for hands! I initially thought it was for the face so I used it there a few times. The Skin Cream was pretty nice actually. My face felt hydrated and soft, and I didn't break out at all. Don't do as I did though, since it's really meant to be for your hands. You might end up reacting negatively.

This is not for sale anywhere in the world currently but you can get it as a GWP for every Cure Aqua Gel purchase this May. ^_^

Anyway, I've got a mini giveaway for you! Just follow the steps below to get a chance to win your own Cure Natural Aqua Gel + Water Treatment Skin Cream set. ^_^ Good luck1