All I want for Christmas...

This is a rhetorical list because I never expect anybody to gift me anything. It's always nice when they do, but really, their love and constant support makes me the happiest. Besides, I prefer to buy the things I want so that I'm 100% sure I'm gonna get them haha. Leave your desires not to chance, but to hard work, I like to say.

So! Here's what I want for Christmas! 

  This picture is from . You should check that blog, it's so well-photographed and a fun read.

This picture is from You should check that blog, it's so well-photographed and a fun read.

Crane Travel Humidifier. I got a Crane Cool Mist Humidifier a month ago and I'm not kidding - MY LIFE CHANGED. I've been having some trouble breathing the last few months because of allergies and the fact that my Pomeranian is shedding like crazy. I had an intense bout of sinusitis in October, as in, my face hurt so much and I had constant headaches! I even had trouble swallowing because of a mass that feels like phlegm.

Yes, I should have seen a doctor. I was just too busy. But when I got my Crane Cool Mist Humidifier last month the blockage on my sinus and throat just melted away in just a few days. Now, my humidifier is on 24/7 (unless I'm not at home). I can't sleep without it! It's the best thing that happened to me! (Sorry James.)

I love it so much that I need the travel-sized humidifier to be with me every time I can't be with my big humidifier. Well. This is dependence on a whole new level.

Paper. Watercolorists can't have too much paper. I love Arches, but I also want to stock up on more Langton pads in the near future. I got mine from Hong Kong. However I hear that it's also available in Fully Booked! Langton is the best for me because it diffuses colors beautifully. It also renders the mixes and delicate shading accurately; other papers tend to absorb too much pigment.


Wilson Blade 98 Tennis Racket. This is the racket that Serena Williams and Milos Raonic uses! I've tried it in the store and its weight, shape, and grip are perfect for me. I currently use an older version of the Wilson Pro Staff - it's heavier, but I like the heft. I'd still like to see how I deal with a lighter racket. 

Sephora + Pantone Universe Modern Watercolor Palette. This is more of a want than a need, haha. I love the watercolor theme and the happy color combination. I've been wearing a lot of neutrals and smokes so it should be fun to have more Spring-y options.

Sennelier Watercolor Set. Hay, I always see this in Tokyo but I always walk away. I know in my heart that I don't need yet another box of paint but man, I'm so curious about this brand! The torture is worse now that a local store (@artnebulaph on Instagram) sells it. Ugh. Self-control. Self-control!

So that's what's in my list. ^_^ How about you guys? What have you gotten (or intend to get) for yourself this Christmas?