The MeNow Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick is basically a jumbo liner

It's hard to argue when faced with a 149-peso pigmented matte lipstick, really. It's even harder when the color selection is trendy and inviting enough to hoard! That's why it pains me to say that I am not into the MeNow Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick (P149 at BeautyMNL) formula. As I said it's pigmented, with beautiful color selections, and can even be long-wearing. I can see why a lot of girls love this! 

However, I can't stand how hard the texture of the crayon is and how irksome it is to apply. It's very dry, but you can't apply it on top of anything emollient (say a lip balm) if you want the color to stick. Otherwise it will streak.

Once I've painstakingly carved through my lips to get the damn thing to stick, it dries into this rough and flaky hot mess. It looks okay from afar, but if you stand close you'll see how it shows off all the crags and lines of the lips. I don't even have dry, chapped lips, but this formula can totally make it look like I do. 

Imagine applying eyeliner on your lips and then having it set like eyeliner does. Yes. That's the same flaky dry feeling. 

I don't like the MeNow lipstick as an actual lipstick, but it does better as a lip liner. Topped with lipstick or gloss, it becomes less dry-looking and feels less awkward. It could even prolong the lip color since it sets completely. 

Honestly, I don't "hate" the The MeNow Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick. It's so cheap; I can't expect more. As long as I use it as a lip liner I'm happy. ^_^ I do like the shade I have, which is quite nice as a liner for MLBB lipsticks.

What do you think of the MeNow lippies? Do you think the price is a good excuse for the uncomfortable texture?