Breaking: Bioderma is officially coming to the Philippines

If you've been following my IG, then you'd know about this amazing news: Bioderma, the French pharmacie brand, is officially coming to the Philippines very soon! There's no need to check online stores for stocks. The famous Bioderma Micelle Solution will of course be available as well as other skincare products. 

Bioderma is slated to be sold at Watsons and PCX stores by the end of September or early October. Please keep checking the biggest branches of those respective stores, or follow Bioderma Philippines on Facebook and Instagram. ;) In the meantime, I just wanna quickly talk about the products I have + their prices so y'all know what to look out for!

You know my favorite drugstore makeup remover, right? But what started my love for micellar water cleansers was the Bioderma H20 Micellar Solution (click that link for the review!) which I got to try two years ago. Since then, I never incorporated creamy or oil-based face makeup removers in my routine because, why? Micellar water cleans my face so thoroughly that there's no need for anything else heavier than this water-based solution.

If you love Bioderma and have oily, acne prone skin, you'll like the Sebium Micelle Solution (P1,170 for 250ml). This is specially formulated for troubled skin! Yes, it's more expensive than the 700-peso 500ml bottle that BYS used to sell, but i believe that BYS won't be selling it any longer as Bioderma has an official PH retailer already.

Bioderma will sell a 500ml bottle in the coming months but right now they only have 250ml and the travel-friendly 100ml.


The Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner (P1,430) is another popular product from the brand. This is supposed to help tighten your pores or at the very least, make them look smoother as you apply it. This is intended to be a serum but it blew up as a primer and mattifier. Quite a few reviews rave about how it's a great base for makeup, helping foundation stay on longer! It also should help with oil control.

Haven't tried it yet (just got these products last week) but as usual, I'll keep you updated if it works.

Last but not the least - the Bioderma Sebium Global (P1190). This is an ultra-light moisturizer specifically for acne-prone skin, and can only be dispensed by dermatologists. This won't be available in Watsons and PCX like the rest, so it's best to ask dermas in major clinics about it instead.

You can also message Bioderma PH's online accounts to ask about the exact locations. ^_^

So there you go! Which product are you looking forward to try from Bioderma? Which of your favourites do you want to see in the Philippines?  

Have a great weekend, guys! ^_^