Please and thank you

I have a question about my Instagram account: should I make a separate account for my art OR beauty posts? Would you prefer to see either of those things on a dedicated account or are you happy seeing both posts on just one account? My argument (to myself mostly haha) is that the @lizlanuzo account should reflect my life, in its entirety. To carve out a chunk of that from my personal account would take away one important thing that I think makes me interesting.

On the other hand, I have a TON of art-related and makeup posts. I feel like there's a need to share one of those things somewhere else at some point! What do you think? 

On a different note: I'm planning a basic watercolor workshop for next week, Saturday (September 13). It's just going to be P1,300 inclusive of brunch and materials (which you can keep!). I'm interested to see how many would like to join - mainly because I'm scared nobody wants to join. 0_0 Haha. I'll announce the full details tomorrow but was hoping to see a show of hands. See you there?

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