Singles unite! My picks for the best one-eyeshadow look

Many women are intimidated by eyeshadows because of the seeming complexity that goes into applying them. There's a lid wash, a crease color, a brow bone color, and goodness gracious - even an outer-v! What's the frick is an outer-v? Is that a hipster restaurant serving gourmet chips? Haha, seriously though, eyeshadows can be confounding when you're just starting out with makeup. I feel you. 

Even if you're well-versed on the topic, however, ain't nobody got time for doing full eye makeup every single day! But here's the thing. If you have an extra minute or two, I highly recommend wearing a single eyeshadow just to contour your eyes, perhaps brighten them, and make them stand out more. It doesn't take a lot of time to put on a single eyeshadow. I swear you can even just use your fingers!

When I do it (and I do it A LOT), I choose these ones from my collection. ^_^ Check 'em out!

Bronze and taupes are the best colors for single-eyeshadow looks. They contour the eyes, giving them depth and a bit of sparkle. My absolute favorite single would be MAC Mulch. It just works so well to deepen my eyes plus it flatters my skin tone.

The Ellana MMP is awesome because you can also use it as a lipstick topper, as a bronzer, and as body shimmer when mixed with lotion. And yeah. the L'Oreal Bronzed Taupe and Maybelline Bad To The Bronze look almost alike, but they are vastly different when it comes to formula. BTTB is quicker to use because it's a cream; BT is more blendable since it's a powder.

Beiges and golds are amazing lid washes. You can wear them all over to just dispel the darkness in your eye area. What a lot of people don't know is the lids darken too, just like eye bags. If you don't conceal them and/or add some sort of eyeshadow on top, they make your eyes look droopy and tired.

So yeah, spare some time to add a lid wash, at least! These four are the best lid washes I've come across.

Some color notes: the Inglot #11 is a sandy gold, MAC All That Glitters is a champagne, Shu Uemura Soft Gold is exactly what the name says, while Inglot #15 is a gold duo chrome that flashes a bit orange. All are amazing!

Pink eyeshadow also does wonders to brighten the eyes. It gives off a sweet, dainty vibe, perfect with cute and feminine outfits. Finish off your look with a demure pink lipstick and you will be irresistible like candy! Well maybe not but I trust you got my point haha.

I usually apply single pinks on my lids, blending up to the crease (same with bronzes). It's too weird to apply pink all over the eye area.

Clinique's Pink and Plenty is a beautiful peachy pink with super fine gold shimmer. Maybelline Inked in Pink is a cooler, silvery pink. Both look great on my skin tone!

Purples and blues are edgier and therefore more dramatic choices. Most people would use them with other eyeshadows, but I love to apply them alone, blending up to the crease with something like the MAC217. Instant smoky eyes! I prefer them better than just plain black eyeshadows.


I love the Shiseido RS321 cream eyeshadow - it's kinda transparent, but it somehow makes my eyes look deep-socketed, like they're straight out of a starving Victor Hugo character. The finish is almost matte! The L'Oreal one in Purple Priority is a recent discovery. It's so beautiful, promise. The Clinique Massive Midnight is an old favorite. It's a navy blue eyeshadow that I love to wear as a thick line along my upper lashes for an understated smoky look.

So there you go. Hope you enjoyed the swatch fest! ^_^ Would love to know your favorite singles as well! What eyeshadow would you choose if you can only use one eyeshadow for the rest of your life?

I'd go for MAC Mulch. ;)